Saturday, August 25, 2012

My Annette Episode 15 released!

Grandmother had been right. The angels had taken charge of Dani as he fell, and he had never reached the water at all. He had fallen onto a jutting-out boulder just below, and there he lay, flat on his back, with his legs doubled up under him, waiting for someone to come and rescue him, and crying because he could not move. The time had been long and Dani supposed he had been to sleep, for he could remember much about those two hours. He really remembered only the moment when his father hovered over him like some big bird, and then alighted by him and knelt on the rock at his side.

"Papa," whispered Dani, a little faintly, "where's Klaus?"

- Treasures of the Snow, Chapter 6

In this episode, Pierre, Claude, Annette, and Lucien's mother find out about what happened to Dani.  Pierre descends into the ravine to find Dani on a boulder, still alive.

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