Thursday, August 9, 2012

(2nd Birthday Celebration) Tonde Buurin Episode 1 released! (Joint with Stardust Fansubs)

As the last thing on our birthday celebration, we would like to proudly announce our new project, Tonde Buurin.  This will be a joint with Stardust Fansubs (

In this episode, we introduce Karin, the girl who finds a pig on the street.  This pig is no ordinary pig; he ends up bestowing her with the ability to transform into Buurin, a super pig.  Unfortunately, she was not exactly happy with this ability.

I will have a post with my expectations for this series tomorrow.


  1. classic!!! love it! thanks for your hard work. Cheers


  2. Wow, I remember watching this in dutch 10 years ago. Time to get into it again.

    Thanks Licca, I will always appreciate your works.

  3. lol this was quite fun :)
    Thanks for your hard work guys :)

  4. Happy birthday from someone who just got to wake up to all these releases, I don't even know what to start with. You're great & let there be many more years.

  5. I just found out that this anime was dubbed in English once by Saban long ago, and you're not the kind of group that subs licensed products. Was the license dropped or something?

    1. From what I know, the English version was not licensed for the United States, actually. (The way licensing works, companies will want a license for certain regions of the world.) It does boggle me why they didn't license it for the United States, considering that Saban had some of what I call the strangest things in their portfolio.

  6. As a former member of Blackdeath Studios (we subbed a few episodes of Tonde Buurin way back when), I'm happy to see another group taking up the torch and running with it. It's a hilarious send-up of the entire magical girl genre. More, please!

  7. Awesome! I had watched this in Cantonese back then. Funny series!

  8. Happy birthday
    thanks thiiiiiiiiiiiiis much
    I very much enjoyed ^^
    thanks again