Friday, August 31, 2012

Little Women II - Jo's Boys Episode 27 released!

"If you say that again I'll go and tell Mr. Bhaer all about it. I don't want to tell tales, but, by George! I will, if you don't let Dan alone."

"Then you'll be a sneak, as well as a liar and a thief," began Ned, with a jeer, for Nat had borne insult to himself so meekly, the other did not believe he would dare to face the master just to stand up for Dan.

What he might have added I cannot tell, for the words were hardly out of his mouth when a long arm from behind took him by the collar, and, jerking him over the wall in a most promiscuous way, landed him with a splash in the middle of the brook.

"Say that again and I'll duck you till you can't see!" cried Dan, looking like a modern Colossus of Rhodes as he stood, with a foot on either side of the narrow stream, glaring down at the discomfited youth in the water.

"I was only in fun," said Ned.

"You are a sneak yourself to badger Nat round the corner. Let me catch you at it again, and I'll souse you in the river next time. Get up, and clear out!" thundered Dan, in a rage.

- Little Men, Chapter 14

This episode is the second part of the three-episode arc that covers chapter 14 of the novel.  In this episode, suspicion is the order of the day at Plumfield, as the students suspect each other of the theft, and most of the suspicion is on Nat.  Out of all the children, Dan and Daisy believe in Nat, and they are prepared to do anything to help him out as much as possible.

In other news, we apologize for the delay in releases.  It has been a very difficult few weeks for the staff members here.


  1. Thanks for another episode.

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  3. Thanks for the release. Time to have my suspicions fueled and misdirected some more.

    1. I know who stole it as I have seen all 40 episodes back in 1997. I am glad that I am finally having a copy of them. I will wait for the rest to come.