Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Idol Densetsu Eriko Episode 1 (BD version) released!

We have finally gotten the Idol Densetsu Eriko Blu-Rays, and that means we can now use them as our source.  We will be redoing all the previous episodes with the new raws while concurrently proceeding on with the episodes that we have not released.

There are three different encodes: a 1080p 10-bit h.264 encode, a 720p 8-bit h.264 encode, and a 480p XviD encode.  Both h.264 encodes are softsubbed, based on feedback that we have received.

It was well worth getting these Blu-Rays.  This new version looks positively stunning.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Little Women II - Jo's Boys Episode 35 released!

The little house looked as quiet, sunny, and home-like as when Meg entered it as a bride, ten years ago, only then it was early summer, and rose blossomed everywhere; now it was early autumn, and dead leaves rustled softly down, leaving the branches bare. 

The bride was a widow now; but the same beautiful serenity shone in her face, and the sweet resignation of a truly pious soul made her presence a consolation to those who came to comfort her. 

"O Meg! how can you bear it so?" whispered Jo, as she met them at the door with a smile of welcome, and no change in her gentle manner, except more gentleness. 

"Dear Jo, the love that has blest me for ten happy years supports me still. It could not die, and John is more my own than ever," whispered Meg; and in her eyes the tender trust was so beautiful and bright, that Jo believed her, and thanked God for the immortality of love like hers.

- Little Men, Chapter 19

In this episode, which is the last of this three episode arc, the aftermath of what happened to everyone after John Brooke's funeral is revealed, including Nan's inner struggle with what a doctor is all about.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My Annette Episode 33 released!


In this episode, Lucien, Anton, and Jean attempt to play pranks on unsuspecting bystanders.  When they try to do it to Annette, things go completely wrong very quickly....

Monday, April 22, 2013

1080p hardsubs? 720p softsubs?

Idol Densetsu Eriko Blu-Rays are scheduled to be released in Japan on the 26th. 

This actually will be the very first time a series that we're working on has a Blu-Ray source, and it has brought about some discussion on how we will handle the encoding.  Assuming that the material is 1080p, we've decided at a minimum we will do the following:
  • 1080p 10-bit h.264 softsubs
  • 720p 8-bit h.264 hardsubs
  • 480p XviD hardsubs
However, this leaves us with two other possibilities that we might consider.
  • 1080p 8-bit h.264 hardsubs
  • 720p 10-bit h.264 softsubs
Basically, I would like to ask the following:

1.  Would there be any benefit to encoding a 1080p hardsubbed version, considering the potentially very limited subset of people who would want it?  The subset of folks who might want this is even smaller than those who want XviD encodes.

2.  Would a 720p softsubbed version make sense with a 1080p softsubbed version?  I'm not aware of a situation where someone who would prefer a 720p softsubbed version versus a 1080p softsubbed version, but there might be situations where there might be such a preference.

Please keep this discussion civil; if you need to insult someone, insult me instead of your fellow commenters.

Idol Densetsu Eriko Episode 14 released

In this episode, Eriko finds a ray of hope against all the abuse the scandal has caused.  This ray of hope is a girl in the hospital who is a huge fan of Eriko's singing.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Little Women II - Jo's Boys Episode 34 released!

They were all there father and mother, Uncle Teddy, and Aunt Amy, old Mr. Laurence, white-haired and feeble now, Mr. and Mrs. Bhaer, with their flock, and many friends, come to do honor to the dead. One would have said that modest John Brooke, in his busy, quiet, humble life, had had little time to make friends; but now they seemed to start up everywhere, old and young, rich and poor, high and low; for all unconsciously his influence had made itself widely felt, his virtues were remembered, and his hidden charities rose up to bless him. The group about his coffin was a far more eloquent eulogy than any Mr. March could utter. There were the rich men whom he had served faithfully for years; the poor old women whom he cherished with his little store, in memory of his mother; the wife to whom he had given such happiness that death could not mar it utterly; the brothers and sisters in whose hearts he had made a place for ever; the little son and daughter, who already felt the loss of his strong arm and tender voice; the young children, sobbing for their kindest playmate, and the tall lads, watching with softened faces a scene which they never could forget. A very simple service, and very short; for the fatherly voice that had faltered in the marriage-sacrament now failed entirely as Mr. March endeavored to pay his tribute of reverence and love to the son whom he most honored. Nothing but the soft coo of Baby Josy's voice up-stairs broke the long hush that followed the last Amen, till, at a sign from Mr. Bhaer, the well-trained boyish voices broke out in a hymn, so full of lofty cheer, that one by one all joined in it, singing with full hearts, and finding their troubled spirits lifted into peace on the wings of that brave, sweet psalm.

As Meg listened, she felt that she had done well; for not only did the moment comfort her with the assurance that John's last lullaby was sung by the young voices he loved so well, but in the faces of the boys she saw that they had caught a glimpse of the beauty of virtue in its most impressive form, and that the memory of the good man lying dead before them would live long and helpfully in their remembrance. Daisy's head lay in her lap, and Demi held her hand, looking often at her, with eyes so like his father's, and a little gesture that seemed to say, "Don't be troubled, mother; I am here;" and all about her were friends to lean upon and love; so patient, pious Meg put by her heavy grief, feeling that her best help would be to live for others, as her John had done.

 - Little Men, Chapter 19 

In this episode, John Brooke suddenly passes away, and his funeral is being held.  For those of you who have read the Little Women novel, the type of person that married Meg and is the father of Demi and Daisy deserves the beautiful and dignified funeral that he got, with a memory that will last many lifetimes.

For those of you who haven't been to a Christian funeral in the United States, the hymn that Nat plays during the funeral is called "Amazing Grace".  There are many variations to this song in terms of the words that are sung to the melody.