Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Due to health issues (severe allergies and strong medications), I am unable to devote the necessary effort required to do a substantial amount of subbing work with regard to translations.  I will attempt to fit in work as I am able.

Those of you who read the post around this time last year know what happens when I attempt to do work under these conditions.

I personally apologize for any inconvenience.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Idol Densetsu Eriko Episode 9 released!

In this episode, Eriko is recording her first single.  She learns how much effort professional singers will do just for one song.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Diary of Anne Frank released (Joint with Orphan Fansubs)!

This project is done in conjunction with Orphan Fansubs, whose founder contacted me several months ago about this project.  I've been slowly working on it when I had the spare time, and we finally got it ready today.  This was one of the projects from C1 Anime that never got done; we would like to thank them as well.

This is the anime adaptation of the story of Anne Frank.  Her diary, written during World War II, cover the time when she and her family (and several other people as well) were hiding in secret rooms in a building in Amsterdam in order to evade Nazi capture.  Excerpts from her diary were published after the war, and it remains a valuable first-hand account of what transpired in Nazi-occupied countries during the war.  It was very unfortunate that they were not able to evade capture.

The building and secret rooms that they were in still exists today, and it is now a museum.

Her story is a part of the curriculum of many schools here in the United States, and it is difficult topic to approach even today without stirring up emotions.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Annette Episode 27 released!

In the final episode of this arc, Monsieur Nicolas comes up to the mountain pastures.  However, will his students actually behave when they're away from school?

Monday, January 21, 2013

My Annette Episode 26 released!

In this episode, Annette, Dani, and Lucien continue their time up in the mountain pastures.  This is the second episode in this three episode arc.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Idol Densetsu Eriko Episode 8 released!

In this episode of Idol Densetsu Eriko, Eriko finds out that she will no longer be able to attend her former school due to a headmistress who has no concept of flexibility or compassion.  Uchida quickly prepares to make arrangements to get Eriko away from Kousuke's control, including a new apartment for her to live, plus "convincing" Kousuke to sign a contract regarding Eriko.

Unfortunately for Kousuke, a sizable number of his employees decide to abandon him, which makes him angrier than ever!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Playback on portable devices

This is more of a question so I can get some advice and feedback.

I would like to inquire how folks typically playback our releases on various portable devices.  Despite the opinions of various people on whether fansubbers should even cater to such devices, it is apparent that those devices are going to stay.  As I have limited experience with such devices, I would like to get some information from folks who do have experience with them.

Therefore, I have several questions to ask:

1.  For Android devices, what do people use in terms of apps for playback of fansubbed anime?  As a point of reference, I do have an Android phone running Froyo, so something that works well on that is desirable.

2.  For iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch), what apps do you use for playback of fansubbed anime?

3.  What about the PSP/PSVita/3DS?  How do folks play fansubbed anime on them?

4.  Is there anything that I can do with our encodes that will improve the playability of our releases on portable devices?

My Annette Episode 25v2 released!

A version 2 of My Annette episode 25 was released.  This addresses some issues that were found in the dialogue. 

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Idol Densetsu Eriko Episode 7 released!

In this episode, Eriko is about to debut, but will she be able to do so when her uncle pays people to basically sabotage her debut?

Friday, January 4, 2013

My Annette Episode 25 released!

In this episode, everyone is bringing their cows up to higher pastures.  There are a few changes since the last episode where this happened.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

An update on our projects and scheduling


Due to personal issues, I will be out of town the week of January 7th, with no access to my fansubbing materials.  I will try to queue as much work as possible for my timer before I leave.  I will be back on January 11th.

My Annette

I would like to personally apologize for the slow rate in which I'm translating the series.  This series has turned out to be a lot more difficult emotionally to work with (especially when you already know what happens next).  Hopefully, once I get past episode 35 or so, it should go faster.

Lucy-May of the Southern Rainbow
I will translate episode 4 as soon as I get My Annette episode 26 translated.

Little Women II - Jo's Boys

The translator for this has been extremely busy with work and was unable to provide scripts for the last couple of months.  I will be personally translating episodes 33 and 34 myself, as they are among my very favorite episodes in the series.  I would like to personally apologize for the delay and I will try to keep the project moving forward.

Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure

As I mentioned earlier, this project is run on the Wasurenai editors who are assigned to this series.  Due to the Christmas holidays, they were unable to work on the series.  As of this writing, Lexica is working on episode 17 right now.  From there, it will go to Asairo for a second QC check, and then it will go to me for the final encode.  I expect episode 18 to be ready by mid-February (there is a reason for that which I will go into later).

Tonde Buurin

The translator for this project has not been seen since early December.  We suspect he might have been caught up in work or school.  I will give everyone an update on that situation as it becomes available.

Idol Densetsu Eriko

We are going at a pretty decent pace with the series.  We should have episode 7 out soon, and we already have quite a few episodes translated ahead of that.

Comments and requests

We will take requests for series.  As this group is a small group, we have no way of getting to every request.  However, they are a source of ideas for us (it was how I learned about A Little Princess Sara), and I can be on the lookout for raws for my import orders.  Please e-mail us if there are series which you want us to consider.  We already have a pretty large list of potential future projects that we can consider once we finish our current projects.