Sunday, April 22, 2012

Porphy no Nagai Tabi Episode 31 released!

In the interest of not spoiling anything, I will merely say that Isabella's fortune for Porphy was correct.


  1. Infinte thanks for this amazing 4 release in a row! Your astonishing! I worship your dedication to WMT and old school anime!

  2. and already the next episode is out too.
    thanks so much. :)

  3. Hello I am GhostMacross01

    Sorry to disturb but where do you fansubbers post your released episodes and batches? I am interested to know where these episodes were first posted before they go to sites like NyaaTorrents or animetake or animesuki and such.

    Please reply

    1. All our series go to BitTorrent as our primary distribution.

  4. Thank you kindly for the release!

    But gosh this episode was hard to watch =/... poor Porphy.

  5. If that were real life, Porphy's journey would have been over in a few days. Porphyras really needs a jolt of insight to the caboose for not thinking to follow Carlos and Django back to their hotel along with trusting Olga; if I learned that my MIA sibling comes to a certain plaza, I would stake it out all night and not go back to the hotel. Failing that, I would have found another place to stay when that cantankerous lady checked in. I am starting to think that Bruno doesn't want Porphyras to ever find Mina. Even if Porphy had taken that cantankerous lady's handbag (which is suicidal mistake!!!), confining him until it turns up accomplishes nothing. The astounding amount of stupidity demonstrated here just breaks my heart