Sunday, April 15, 2012

Perrine Episode 38 released!

Just near the church she found Mme. Lachaise's shop. It was by far the best shop in Maraucourt. In the window there was a fine display of materials, ribbons, lingerie, hats, jewels, perfumes, which aroused the envy and tempted the greed of all the frivolous girls throughout the surrounding villages. It was here where they spent their small earnings, the same as their fathers and husbands spent theirs at the taverns.

When Perrine saw this display of finery she was still more perplexed and embarrassed. She entered the shop and stood in the middle of the floor, for neither the mistress of the establishment nor the milliners who were working behind the counter seemed to think that the ragged little girl required any attention. Finally Perrine decided to hold out the envelope containing the order that she held in her hand.

"What is it you want, little girl?" demanded Madame Lachaise.

- En Famille, Chapter 19

In this episodes, Perrine and Rosalie go to Madame Lachaise's store to get new clothing suitable for Perrine's new position.

You can obtain this episode from your standard anime torrent indexing sites, or you can download them from DDL links on KiteSeekers or Wasurenai's web sites.


  1. Infinite thanks for this double old school WMT releases!

  2. This WMT is interesting as Perrine changes her standard clothing about three times.
    1) red skirt and the red waist coat
    2) red shirt and yellow shirt
    3) the blue dress

    I like it, since her station has progressed so much her clothes :)