Sunday, April 1, 2012

A new record

The script for the initial translation for My Annette episode 10 (no styling, no songs, just the dialogue) has broken a new record at Licca Fansubs.  It comes in at 401 lines, which makes it the first episode we've worked on that has exceeded 400 lines.

The previous record holder was Licca-chan no Nichiyoubi, which came in at 394 lines.

The previous WMT series episode that is not My Annette and had the most lines was Little Women II - Jo's Boys episode 20, which came in at 384 lines.

On more relevant news, we do plan to have Porphy episode 27 released today (it's currently in encoding), as we do not celebrate April Fools' in any way whatsoever.


  1. WOW, infinite thanks for your work that bring us joy to our lives

  2. Thanks a million time! To have done a bit of subtiltling, I know it's an insane amount of line for 25 minutes!

  3. I've never kept tabs on the size of my scripts, but I have translated a few Gintama episodes, and I expect that they might be considerably more voluminous.