Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Little Women II - Jo's Boys Episode 21 released!

One fault of Nat's gave the Bhaers much anxiety, although they saw how it had been strengthened by fear and ignorance. I regret to say that Nat sometimes told lies. Not very black ones, seldom getting deeper than gray, and often the mildest of white fibs; but that did not matter, a lie is a lie, and though we all tell many polite untruths in this queer world of ours, it is not right, and everybody knows it.

"You cannot be too careful; watch your tongue, and eyes, and hands, for it is easy to tell, and look, and act untruth," said Mr. Bhaer, in one of the talks he had with Nat about his chief temptation.

"I know it, and I don't mean to, but it's so much easier to get along if you ain't very fussy about being exactly true. I used to tell 'em because I was afraid of father and Nicolo, and now I do sometimes because the boys laugh at me. I know it's bad, but I forget," and Nat looked much depressed by his sins.

- Little Men, Chapter 4

This episode is one of the more famous parts of the novel.  In this episode, Professor Bhaer attempts to break Nat of his habit of telling (white) lies.

You can obtain this episode from your standard anime torrent indexing sites.


  1. Infinite thanks for this double mighty WMT old school attack! Long live Licca!

  2. hi to the admin of this site. first of all, i would like to thank you for giving your precious time giving sub title to WMT. I grew up watching these series here in the PHilippines.

    I'm just it possible to download the videos of pollyana and other wmt here?

    thank you in advance and more power...


    1. Our releases are only done by BitTorrent, so you can find them on the various sites that list anime torrent links.

    2. thank you and MOre POwer! :)

      I don't know if you are familiar with Patrashe: A Dog of Flanders, i'm not sure if this is considered wmt but it was shown here in the pHIlippines in 1996 (not sure).


  3. thanks so much again doll licca for a new release of this series....

    just wondering will you do a sub of this anime?

    this is not the Flanders no Inu uploaded on bakabt. This is another version I guess. thanks again!