Sunday, April 22, 2012

Perrine Episode 39 released!

She clasped her hands together and looked up at him as though he could see her; her voice shook with emotion.

"Wouldn't you like to be loved by your granddaughter?" she asked pleadingly.

The blind man rose impatiently.

"I tell you she can never be anything to me," he cried. "I hate her as I hate her mother. The woman took my son from me and she keeps him from me. If she had not bewitched him he would have been back long before this. She has been everything to him while I, his father, have been nothing."

- En Famille, Chapter 26

Perrine actually slams the drawer shut on Talouel's fingers!
In this episode, Perrine is asked to translate a letter in English from India for Vulfran.  Both Theodore and Talouel realize that the letter is extremely valuable to their plans and attempt to bully Perrine into revealing the contents of the letter.

You can obtain this episode from your standard anime torrent indexing sites, or you may download the episodes off of DDL links on KiteSeekers and Wasurenai's websites.

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  1. AWESOME!!! Many many thanks! Keep them coming!