Sunday, November 6, 2011

An update

The last of the first episodes of the three WMT series that we will be having everyone vote on is currently being encoded at the time of this writing.  I would like to thank my timers for doing all this timing on very short notice.

We should have them released sometime later tonight.  Here are a few notes on the voting:

1.  Basically, we will be releasing the first episodes of three WMT series.  Since we can't pick between which one to do, we're leaving it up to the general public on what we will do.  Unfortunately, due to our resources, we can only fully devote our efforts to one at a time, which is why we are doing it this way.

2.  Be sure to watch the episodes.  If you feel that we can't do a show properly, then don't vote for it.

3.  I will have a poll up on this blog with the choices of the three series.  The series with the most amount of votes over the voting period (one week) will be the next WMT series we will sub.

4.  I will discuss my plans for the two shows that don't get picked later.


  1. Anyone here want to quickly guess the 3 shows Licca Fansubs picked on subbing before they release ‘em today?

    I'd say it will be Lucy , Annette, and Cedie ^_^

  2. Oh, I don't know... that would spoil the surprise!!

    I can't wait to find out what they are! Thanks Licca!

  3. @Jayson close enough :)