Sunday, November 20, 2011

Expectations for My Annette

My Annette was also one of the series that was requested a lot (about as much as Porphy's Long Journey), and we're proud to work on this series as well.

This series is an adaptation of Patricia St. John's novel, "Treasures of the Snow".  The novel does have a Christian bias to it, but the message that it tries to convey is universal to all creeds.  Basically, without spoiling too much of the plot, what the series tries to convey is the concept of forgiveness and healing.  What happens in the series will test those concepts in ways most adults will probably never deal with, let alone children.

Because of what happens in this series, we anticipate this will be one of our more difficult series that we will work on.  It's about as dramatic and emotional as A Little Princess Sara, and we hope we can finish it, as the story and the plot is probably one of the most solid and moving in all of literature.


  1. Dramatic old school shoujo/ WMT, my favorite kind of anime! :) Thanks for your great work Licca!!

  2. Are you sure you guys want to work on THREE WMT anime at once?

    Now don't get me wrong, I'm happy you're subbing more anime and choosing two anime that competed in the polls, but I don't want you guys to lose your valuable resources. A lot of fansub groups start off good, then kick the bucket later. Some say it's quicker to work on one thing and get it done and over with over working on so many at once. I don't want you to push yourselves. Just concerned, that's all. But thanks for subbing Annette and Porphy!

  3. crossing fingers for both series! Hope to see them finished.

    Thank you guys!

  4. good thing with Annette is that it is dubbed into many languages so if you are unsure about the Japanese dialog and how to convey it in English, you can refer to the dub. Eg idioms, ways of speak etc A lot of projects were subbed this way.

    I read the book a few years ago prior to watching the series and though there are minor differences in the plot (Annette and Lucien were not on good terms there from the beginning), the series manages to carry the boo's message nevertheless.

    Overall the book is one of the most memorable works of children's literature I've read and the series as well.

    Too bad they substitute Klaus with a weasel instead of a kitten as in the book. The director must be fond of that animal since it also appears in Romeo's Blue Skies. I love those too though I'd never have one as pet.

    Anyway I dont care if you finish it or not as long as you put your love and dedication to the series.

  5. Thank you Licca. I think Licca fansubs is worlds apart from your average fansub groups in more ways than one and if they are working on multiple series at once is because Licca is capable of it, this is not your average groups tha wants to do many series and get attention and fans.

    Licca has already worked on several projects at once, 50 eps, ones and the speed and quality is freaking awesome.

    Thank you Licca.