Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Annette Episode 2 released!

This episode features lots of fun in the snow, including riding on sleds, snowball fights, and how does one get to school in the snow.

You can obtain this episode from your standard anime torrent indexing sites.

This is a reminder that Licca Fansubs is recruiting translators, timers, and editors.  Please contact us if you wish to contribute your skills.


  1. yay! finally here! couldn't wait for a release of this series!

    Thank you!

  2. Thank you so much
    But one thing I don't understand why you don't put
    the download link in the description?
    And why you don't inform us about Ep1 of Porphy's Long Journey & My Annette?

  3. We actually had the first episodes subbed as part of the poll a couple of weeks ago.

    We also don't host DDL links because I haven't found a DDL provider that I trust. All our releases are via BitTorrent only.

  4. O.K thank you
    I appreciate your hard work.
    I meant torrent download link.

  5. thank you thank you thank you! I love you guys! you made my day!

  6. you can find all the Licca torrents here:

    Hope this helps. You can add the above to the favorites, as it's refreshes each time an episode it's being added.

  7. Thank you very much my dear friend
    It really helped me a lot

  8. Thank you very much for the releas :)

  9. Link for all Licca's torrents:

  10. for direct download links for licca and others go to