Friday, November 18, 2011

Expectations for Porphy's Long Journey

As per my usual practice, I would like to personally tell everyone our expectations for Porphy's Long Journey.

I've already have it translated up to episode 4, and I've watched it pretty far down the line past that.  It is no wonder that this series was probably one of the most frequently requested series for our group to sub.  To this day, it is a mystery to me why very few groups even considered doing it.

This series is the adaptation of Paul-Jacques Bonzon's novel, "The Orphans of Simitra".  I have access to an English translation to the novel as reference.  What I can tell you is the anime does add a lot of characters, and gives names for characters who were not named in the book. (Porphy's mother is one of those examples.)  The general plot of the anime is similar to the novel, but considering the length of the novel (it's actually about as long as "A Little Princess"), there's a lot of embellishment in the anime.  We will try to keep within the spirit of the novel as much as possible.

Overall, this series is a bit of a departure from the series which we normally work on, but we hope we can do it justice.


  1. porphy is booooooooooring get annete going or luc may

  2. maybe it'll get to be interesting ;)

  3. Me and another friend of mine have wanted to see this series get subbed for soooooo long! Thanks for taking it under your wing, Licca Subs! I can't wait to finally finish it!