Sunday, September 18, 2011

Pollyanna Episode 41 released!

"Thomas, don't, please!" she begged.

"Why, Polly, what's the matter? Aren't you glad that—that the medicine worked?"

Mrs. Chilton dropped despairingly back in her chair.

"There you go again, Thomas," she sighed. "Of COURSE I'm glad that this misguided woman has forsaken the error of her ways and found that she can be of use to some one. And of course I'm glad that Pollyanna did it. But I am not glad to have that child continually spoken of as if she were a—a bottle of medicine, or a 'cure.' Don't you see?"

"Nonsense! After all, where's the harm? I've called Pollyanna a tonic ever since I knew her."

"Harm! Thomas Chilton, that child is growing older every day. Do you want to spoil her? Thus far she has been utterly unconscious of her extraordinary power. And therein lies the secret of her success. The minute she CONSCIOUSLY sets herself to reform somebody, you know as well as I do that she will be simply impossible. Consequently, Heaven forbid that she ever gets it into her head that she's anything like a cure-all for poor, sick, suffering humanity."

"Nonsense! I wouldn't worry," laughed the doctor.

"But I do worry, Thomas."

- Pollyanna Grows Up, Chapter 15

In this episode, everyone is celebrating Pollyanna's return with a party.  However, from the episode title, something happens in the end that will foreshadow what will happen next.

Starting from the next episode forward until all the way to the end, the anime makes a significant deviation from the novel.  The deviation is a bit difficult to spot if you haven't read the novel, though.  I personally prefer the novel's ending, but you may like this one better depending on your preferences.


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