Monday, September 5, 2011

Pollyanna Episode 38 released!

Mrs. Carew was very angry. To have brought herself to the point where she was willing to take this lame boy into her home, and then to have the lad calmly refuse to come, was unbearable. Mrs. Carew was not in the habit of having her invitations ignored, or her wishes scorned. Furthermore, now that she could not have the boy, she was conscious of an almost frantic terror lest he were, after all, the real Jamie. She knew then that her true reason for wanting him had been—not because she cared for him, not even because she wished to help him and make him happy—but because she hoped, by taking him, that she would ease her own mind, and forever silence that awful eternal questioning on her part: "What if he WERE her own Jamie?"

It certainly had not helped matters any that the boy had divined her state of mind, and had given as the reason for his refusal that she "did not care." To be sure, Mrs. Carew now very proudly told herself that she did not indeed "care," that he was NOT her sister's boy, and that she would "forget all about it."

But she did not forget all about it. However insistently she might disclaim responsibility and relationship, just as insistently responsibility and relationship thrust themselves upon her in the shape of panicky doubts; and however resolutely she turned her thoughts to other matters, just so resolutely visions of a wistful-eyed boy in a poverty-stricken room loomed always before her.

Then, too, there was Pollyanna. Clearly Pollyanna was not herself at all. In a most unPollyanna-like spirit she moped about the house, finding apparently no interest anywhere.

- Pollyanna Grows Up, Chapter 12

In this episode, we see what happens after what happened in the end of episode 37.

You can obtain this episode from your standard anime torrent indexing sites.

This episode marks the 3/4th point in the series.  We're currently in a difficult stretch of the series, but we're about to hit the homestretch and everything will go well.

The last 1/4th of the series ties everything together in a way that you may not expect (that is if you haven't read the novels).  They do change up how this next part compared to what happens in the novel, but in general, the same things happen (albeit under slightly different conditions).  I personally like the novel's ending better than the anime ending, but that's probably a matter of personal perference.

Also, this release is our first release that uses h.264's High 10-bit color profile, a.k.a. Hi10P.  This is a test release, and we may continue or discontinue it depending on the response to it.


  1. Thanks for this magnificient sub!

  2. Thanks for yet another gr8 release,will be watching this tonight :D

  3. suspense... suspense!!! i'll read the novel ending after the series is over :)


  4. I have a rather odd, question, I do hope you can see I'm in a bit of a pickle. I attempted earlier in the month to download the movie Snow White from a torrent...and was given a piracy warning by my school's internet services. This means, basically, that everything I download, upload, etc., is monitored here. Now I know Snow White is licenced and that my actions were in fact, illegal, so I am not upset about that at all. BUT you say these episodes are not theoretically they should not be illegal to download, am I correct? And do you think it would be safe to do so while here on campus? If you have any doubts at all I shall simply have to drive to the nearest panera bread and hope for the best, because I am not willing to take the risk of having my entire internet connection shut off.

    Thank you for your time, I do hope you can help as I absolutely adore this lovely anime.

  5. Do to the digital millennium act it is illegal to p2p movies and anything that is license in the US and business and School internet lines are the worst place to be downloading that stuff because they are heavily monitor. For unlicensed videos it is still illegal but it is harder to take legal action on than licensed videos. Most schools I know of has torrent programs blocked on their connection or have policy that they can't be on a laptop that is used their connection.

  6. Pffftttt... your school is evil and full of it! What kind of school do you go to that monitor these kinds of things?

    Back when I was in university, I used to download lots of shit off the school's internet and computer labs. Hell, even the admins knew (as I was usually right in front of them) I was downloading shows and whatnot into their computers and/or my laptop. Although I didn't use torrents as I had other methods to "acquire" such things.

    Besides, you shouldn't be watching anime in school. School is about having fun and socializing, not watching anime and learning ;)