Friday, July 22, 2011

Pollyanna Episode 31 released!

Boston, to Pollyanna, was a new experience, and certainly Pollyanna, to Boston—such part of it as was privileged to know her—was very much of a new experience.

Pollyanna said she liked Boston, but that she did wish it was not quite so big.

"You see," she explained earnestly to Mrs. Carew, the day following her arrival, "I want to see and know it ALL, and I can't. It's just like Aunt Polly's company dinners; there's so much to eat—I mean, to see—that you don't eat—I mean, see—anything, because you're always trying to decide what to eat—I mean, to see.

"Of course you can be glad there IS such a lot," resumed Pollyanna, after taking breath, "'cause a whole lot of anything is nice—that is, GOOD things; not such things as medicine and funerals, of course!—but at the same time I couldn't used to help wishing Aunt Polly's company dinners could be spread out a little over the days when there wasn't any cake and pie; and I feel the same way about Boston. I wish I could take part of it home with me up to Beldingsville so I'd have SOMETHING new next summer. But of course I can't. Cities aren't like frosted cake—and, anyhow, even the cake didn't keep very well. I tried it, and it dried up, 'specially the frosting. I reckon the time to take frosting and good times is while they are going; so I want to see all I can now while I'm here."

- Pollyanna Grows Up, Chapter 4

In this episode, Pollyanna sneaks out of Mrs. Carew's mansion to attempt to find Chipmunk, which leads her to various parts of Boston.  However, Pollyanna soon gets into more than she can handle...

You can obtain this episode from your standard anime torrent indexing sites.

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  1. Infinite thanks for this wonderful WMT GEM!

  2. What language are the boys speaking in that screenshot? It looks like Italian or French to me.

  3. It's Italian. That was the main reason why it took us so long to translate this (and throw our release schedule off again).