Monday, July 4, 2011

Little Women II - Jo's Boys Episode 2 released!

"No, I shouldn't; I hate boys!" said Nan fiercely, for her hand still smarted, and she began to think that she might have shown her courage in some wiser way.

"I am sorry you hate my boys, because they can be well-mannered, and most agreeable when they choose. Kindness in looks and words and ways is true politeness, and any one can have it if they only try to treat other people as they like to be treated themselves."

Mrs. Bhaer had addressed herself to Nan, but the boys nudged one another, and appeared to take the hint, for that time at least, and passed the butter; said "please," and "thank you," "yes, sir," and "no, ma'am," with unusual elegance and respect. Nan said nothing, but kept herself quiet and refrained from tickling Demi, though strongly tempted to do so, because of the dignified airs he put on. She also appeared to have forgotten her hatred of boys, and played "I spy" with them till dark. Stuffy was observed to offer her frequent sucks on his candy-ball during the game, which evidently sweetened her temper, for the last thing she said on going to bed was,

"When my battledore and shuttle-cock comes, I'll let you all play with 'em."

- Little Men, Chapter 7

For our second release today, we've got another episode of Little Women II - Jo's Boys.

In this episode, Nan finds out her punishment for what she did the day before: she has to teach a class, with everyone, including the Bhaers, as students!  How does she come up with course material that no one else would know?

You can obtain this episode from your standard anime torrent indexing sites.


  1. Infinite thanks for that double WMT attack! :)

  2. You seriously rock!!1 Thank you very very very much.

  3. Thank you, thank you! And what an adorable episode it was~ ♥ Teddyyyyy~

  4. Hey guys, do you know if anyone is doing the first series?

    Jo's boys is the 2nd one so I'm not sure, should I wait until I can find the first series by World Masterpiece Theatre before watching the sequel?

  5. @Tyciol: Hi, I'm alcoholic and I'll be working on Little Women. If you look around, I've uploaded first several episodes in non-Japanese language >_>

    More news to come soon!

  6. Er, your profile isn't available to click on Jay, where to look around?

  7. Here's episode 1 for ya:
    Episode 1

    The video is non-Japanese (for the most part) and there are no subtitles. BEWARE! I dare you all to watch it if you aren't afraid to see what it actually is!

    Seriously though, I've been working really hard on this project for the past couple of months. Translations will start happening in September/October.