Sunday, July 31, 2011

Little Women II - Jo's Boys Episode 6 released!

Because of the troublesome cough Nat prefered to stay at home with the four small boys, and spent a happy morning in Mrs. Bhaer's room, listening to the stories she read them, learning the hymns she taught them, and then quietly employing himself pasting pictures into an old ledger.

"This is my Sunday closet," she said, showing him shelves filled with picture-books, paint-boxes, architectural blocks, little diaries, and materials for letter-writing. "I want my boys to love Sunday, to find it a peaceful, pleasant day, when they can rest from common study and play, yet enjoy quiet pleasures, and learn, in simple ways, lessons more important than any taught in school. Do you understand me?" she asked, watching Nat's attentive face.

"You mean to be good?" he said, after hesitating a minute.

"Yes; to be good, and to love to be good. It is hard work sometimes, I know very well; but we all help one another, and so we get on. This is one of the ways in which I try to help my boys," and she took down a thick book, which seemed half-full of writing, and opened at a page on which there was one word at the top.

"Why, that's my name!" cried Nat, looking both surprised and interested.

"Yes; I have a page for each boy. I keep a little account of how he gets on through the week, and Sunday night I show him the record. If it is bad I am sorry and disappointed, if it is good I am glad and proud; but, whichever it is, the boys know I want to help them, and they try to do their best for love of me and Father Bhaer."

- Little Men, Chapter 3

In this episode, Nat learns more about how Plumfield works, while trying to work around how he should tell people that he was not capable of reading or writing.

You can obtain this episode from your standard anime torrent indexing sites.

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  1. Infinite thanks for this glorious old school WMT Gem!

  2. hi

    Please Please Please translate ( Little Women 1987 ) Ai no Wakakusa Monogatari (48 ep)


  3. We cannot work on Little Women due to licensing issues. It is one of the few WMT series we cannot do.

  4. ok .... but you translate anime with nickname,

    Who will know who you are?

    Sorry for my bad english!

  5. just a clarification then this project status is "discontinued due to licensing"? owww if that's the case this is really saddening

    by the way any chance of doing "Romeo no Aoi Sora"

  6. @alrick13: No, that's a misunderstanding. Licca can't work on "Little Women" the first series. "Little Women II", aka "Nan to Jo sensei" continues.

    Romeo no Aoi Sora was subbed by the Technogirls back in VHS times and is available digitized. Also it is currently fansubbed up to eps 12 by Takara Fansubs

  7. alrick, Little Women II is okay for us to do (we wouldn't have started it in the first place if it were licensed), Little Women is not.

    As for Romeo no Aoi Sora, Takara Fansubs ( is doing it (and doing a really good job with it, BTW). Also, if you're willing to do VHS releases, Technogirls did it in its entirety.

  8. okie thanks.... really love this anime classic I remember watching it before going to school during the early 90s

  9. Hello alrick, I'm the (unfortunate) fool who'll be responsible for fansubbing Little Women. What do you think of the English dubs btw? Were they ever so gay (i.e. pretty good)?