Friday, April 1, 2011

Pollyanna Episode 8 released!

"Well, of all the—" ejaculated the man, with an oddly impotent gesture. He started forward again, but after the second step he turned back, still frowning.

"See here, why don't you find some one your own age to talk to?"

"I'd like to, sir, but there aren't any 'round here, Nancy says. Still, I don't mind so very much. I like old folks just as well, maybe better, sometimes—being used to the Ladies' Aid, so."

"Humph! The Ladies' Aid, indeed! Is that what you took me for?" The man's lips were threatening to smile, but the scowl above them was still trying to hold them grimly stern.

Pollyanna laughed gleefully.

"Oh, no, sir. You don't look a mite like a Ladies' Aider—not but that you're just as good, of course—maybe better," she added in hurried politeness. "You see, I'm sure you're much nicer than you look!"

- Pollyanna, Chapter 9

In this episode, Pollyanna meets John Pendleton, the rather mysterious gentleman who never talks to anyone.  What happens afterwards is rather amusing.

You can obtain this episode from your standard anime torrent indexing sites.  This is not a joke release.

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  1. Thanks alot but where i can find the episodes links
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