Friday, April 15, 2011

Other groups working on older series

First of all, let me preface this by mentioning this blog post from Nanto from the Skaro Hunting Society.

The link above is basically a huge post on most of the currently active groups doing older anime series.  It's a pretty exhaustive list.  However, the slant of that list tends to be slanted fairly heavily towards the shounen/mecha side.  Because of that, Nanto missed out on quite a few groups, the vast majority of which are the groups working on mostly shoujo or kids series.

Let me also state that most of the groups working on old school anime are very small groups.  There simply aren't that many people interested in working on series of this vintage.  My definition of old school anime is anything before 2000.

So, without further ado, let me begin listing groups, in no particular order....

Silver Zero Subs -

Older series that they are working on: Heidi - Girl of the Alps, Akage no Anne

This group is working on two of the most loved World Masterpiece Theater series out there.  Their releases are done with subs in English and Portuguese.  Overall, it's a wonderful group doing a really good job with their work.

Takara Fansubs -

Older series that they are working on: Ashita no Joe 2, Homeless Girl Remi, Romeo's Blue Skies, Homeless Boy Remi, Takarajima

This group is one of my favorite groups that I've been following.  I admit that the only thing I've watched from them is Homeless Girl Remi, but the work they've done on that is nothing less than superb.

Saitei Fansubs -

Older series that they are working on: Tokimeki Tonight

Tokimeki Tonight is probably going to be this group's crown jewel that will really establish their reputation as a old school anime fansubber.  The series is so funny and the job they've done is so wonderful on it that future generations will laugh for years to come.

Nightvision -

Older series that they are working on: Lady Georgie

This group is the only English subbing group working on what is probably one of the most touching romantic shoujo series of all time.


Older series that they are working on: (They're working on a lot of series... there's too many to count...)

I know I'll probably get a lot of flak by listing them because depending on who you are, you either hate them or like them.  I personally like what they're doing, even though their methods may be a bit unorthodox at times.

Kiteseekers -

Older series that they are working on: Mizuiro Jidai

I am aware that Kiteseekers mostly works on newer anime.  However, their work on Mizuiro Jidai deserves mention and is one of the series that deserves subs, but got stalled.

ray=out -

Older series that they are working on: Maicchingu Machiko Sensei, Yoiko

Again, this group is known for their work on newer series, but the two older series of mention are Maicchingu Machiko Sensei and Yoiko.  I have not watched either one (as I tend to avoid ecchi), but the overall work is very good.

CandyFukkatsu -

Older series that they are working on: Candy Candy

This is probably one of the most ambitious projects out there.  To sub Candy Candy with lots of audio and subtitle tracks is quite a feat in itself, and they certainly are determined to do it!

Older series that they are working on: Perrine, Peter Pan no Bouken, Daddy Long Legs

Most people know them for their work on Peter Pan no Bouken and Daddy Long Legs.  Their work is solid and a shining example for everyone else to follow.

Honobono - 

Older series that they're working on: Goldfish Warning

I can't believe I forgot about them, considering that Tokyo Mew Mew was one of my very favorite series.

I've probably missed out on quite a few groups myself.... so if I did, I apologize in advance...


  1. whoa! thank you! Indeed Candy is one of the series I've never thought I'll ever see again.

    Kind regards team and cheers on the projects ;)

  2. Some great information here.
    btw you've missed out the "dash" in the URL for Takara Fansubs. It should be:

    Congratulations on such a great blog and good luck with all your projects. Your doing a great job.

  3. Oops, that was my fault. I probably shouldn't have tried to do that URL from memory. That's been fixed.

  4. also C1 Anime subs are back

  5. My Daddy Long Legs and Peter Pan no Bouken are completed. 3000 Leagues in Search of Mother and Perrine en Famille are in progress on C1 Anime.

  6. I was wondering whether C1 was still alive. They're still alive!

  7. you forgot to mention live-evil fansubs :)

  8. Nanto already mentioned them in his post already. Basically, I was trying to list the ones he forgot about or was unaware of.

  9. Thanks for mentioning Takara Fansubs! :)

  10. Interesting post; thankfully I am up to date on all the projects you mentioned here. Maybe it's just me, but there seems to be a resurgence of interest in old anime these days along with an increased level of output. Thanks to Licca, Shippo and everyone else on this list (I would also add Honobono Your hard work is appreciated.

  11. Few days ago I come across another old series fansubb by new group. I think it's worth mentioning -

  12. "I personally like what they're doing, even though their methods may be a bit unorthodox at times."

    A bit? More like a lot. I don't even remember or know if there existed a group like them that made English subs from dubs of another language for a Japanese audio release (and paying someone illiterate in English to do so). They don't even realise the dubs could change the tense or original meaning, add additional garbage which is common in older shows or even remove things altogether in comparison with the Japanese dubs.

    For instance, for the anime Igano Kabamaru, the Greek dubs added additional lines for SFXs (yes, added speech for noises) and also changed the translation altogether. In comparison, the Arabic dubs were quite frankly almost accurate with the original Japanese dubs - but they excluded the previews.

    Most of their shows right now are being made from French dubs, and even though English is close to French, the French language has multiple interpretations - from a France French standpoint or a Canadian standpoint. It's the same language when you write it, but not the same when you speak it.

    I've seen their Deltora Quest 21-26 subs and found that you are better off watching the anime raw then with the subs (it's way off). There's no proper grammar, tense, or even the most simple of things since you can find it on-line, spelling of the characters. It's English names from a book! How hard is it to spell it right?

    I will however commend them on shows where they release multiple language subs. Those shows' subs are likely to be close to the Japanese dubs. Mai Mai Shinko is one clear case. I had originally used their subs for an upcoming release, but they didn't include some things or misinterpreted it. I've seen the (licensed) French and Chinese (fan-sub) subs of this and those two are very close to the Japanese. I wonder if they even used those subs.

    Lastly, I don't mind them doing shows that are rare or have not been subbed before (of the 20th century), but it does itch me when they release a shitty sub of a show that is being subbed with much superior visual quality and translation or shows that may be in some of the current subbers' to do list - Model​ Suit Gunpla Builders Beginning G​ - is being worked on by [corona].

  13. By the way, Honobono is also working on Floral Magician MaryBell and Hime-chan's Ribbon (both old 90s anime). Also, AnimeEclipse is also working on an old anime called Robin Hood no Daibouken. Just so you know!

  14. A bit late maybe but thanks for this post! My taste is less boyish than Nanto's and less girlish than y'all so adding the two posts together I'll find plenty of awesome!

  15. Nightvision's website is down!