Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pollyanna Episode 14 released!

"And won't ye jest be listenin' ter this, Miss Pollyanna. You're ter sleep down-stairs in the room straight under this. You are—you are!"

Pollyanna actually grew white.

"You mean—why, Nancy, not really—really and truly?"

"I guess you'll think it's really and truly," prophesied Nancy, exultingly, nodding her head to Pollyanna over the armful of dresses she had taken from the closet. "I'm told ter take down yer things, and I'm goin' ter take 'em, too, 'fore she gets a chance ter change her mind."

Pollyanna did not stop to hear the end of this sentence. At the imminent risk of being dashed headlong, she was flying down-stairs, two steps at a time.

Bang went two doors and a chair before Pollyanna at last reached her goal—Aunt Polly.

"Oh, Aunt Polly, Aunt Polly, did you mean it, really? Why, that room's got EVERYTHING—the carpet and curtains and three pictures, besides the one outdoors, too, 'cause the windows look the same way. Oh, Aunt Polly!"

- Pollyanna, Chapter 10

For Easter Sunday, we would like to release episode 14 of Pollyanna.

In this episode, Aunt Polly makes a trip up to Pollyanna's room to find a shawl.  However, Pollyanna manages to sidetrack her and we finally get a clear view of what kind of a person Polly really is.

You can obtain this episode from your standard anime torrent indexing sites.

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  1. thanks a whole bunch! i really love these polyanna episodes!

  2. Has anyone noticed that the grandfather clocks here have XI, XII, and XIII for what is normally 6, 7, and 8 O'clock?

    See the following for the clock:
    Episode 13 @ 14:15
    Episode 14 @ 19:30