Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A little update

I figure it would be appropriate to give everyone an update on what has been happening and what we are planning.


As everyone knows, we're almost 3/4ths the way through the series.  We are going to try to get it finished by the end of October.  The one thing that is hindering our progress at the moment is that the Boston arc is not exactly the easiest material to deal with.

Episodes 37-43 are especially difficult to deal with due to the content.  After we clear those episodes, it should be smooth sailing to the end.  If you haven't read the novel, the ending might surprise you!

Happy Kappi

Currently, we do not know how many episodes Happy Kappi is expected to have.  If it ends at episode 24 or 26, then we will either take on a Fall 2011 series, put the resources back into working on Pollyanna, or potentially starting something new. If it is a series like Hamtaro where there are literally hundreds of episodes, then we will continue as long as we can still obtain raws.  We've also recently been able to get transport streams again as well for this series.

Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure

We currently have 26 out of the 39 episodes translated, at a one episode per week rate.  Due to scheduling conflicts, the Wasurenai staffers that are responsible for their parts were unable to make as much progress as anticipated.  This is not their fault; one must remember that real life takes priority over any fansubbing.

I've been getting master encoding raws ready for each episode.  Once the episodes are ready for encode, it takes almost no time to get the episodes encoded and ready for distribution.

Little Women II

Everything is going well with our work for the series.  The translator has done an incredible job so far, and we hope to continue our weekly release schedule for this series.

What happens after Pollyanna?

We will start another World Masterpiece Theater project after Pollyanna.  However, we will do this a bit differently this time around.

Instead of unilaterally deciding ourselves which series we will do, we will instead sub the first episodes of the series we are considering.  We will then have a poll up, and you will vote on which series we will do next.

We have decided on three series that we would like to do.  We will not reveal them at this time, but they will be revealed when we get the first episodes up and the poll comes up.

Some little things

I would like to personally thank everyone for your support.  We've just had our first birthday, and we've come a long way from our beginnings.  We hope to continue serving everyone for years to come.


  1. Wow, the way of approaching the new WMT series is unexpected and welcomed!

    Thank you team for the great work and efforts. You are truly amazing!!

  2. ^ haha, what? I know its neat and all but....

    In any case, major thanks for all your work.

  3. Thank you very much, you're doing such a wonderful work.

  4. Nice idea for the next WMT Series! I will definitely watch and vote!

  5. I can think of several I'd love to see done - none of which have had too much interest from other groups. I'd love to see Lucy of the Southern Rainbow, Bush Baby or Rascal the Raccoon subbed. I've got RAWs of all the WMT series (AreaRaw has them - spent all of July downloading them) but I don't know the stories well enough to follow on some of them.

  6. I just thought of an WMT anime that's begging to be subbed!

    Meiken Lassie

    Like the others, it is criminally underrated, but it's about a boy and his dog, and ever since Dog of Flanders I think I'm growing a love for anime about kids and animals going through hardships. And it's only 26 episodes long! I'd love it if you subbed this, Licca Subs! That and Alps Stories: My Annette!

  7. Hamtaro!?
    That would be great ^o^

  8. Thank you for subbing those WMT gems! You are my favorite fansubbers!

  9. a list of WMTs:

    let us know the 3 ones u'll gonna pick :)


  10. Thanks for your splendid work to the WMT cause! I love the Idea of a poll! WMT aside. Haikara-san ga tooru would be awsome too, as it its also an Nippon animation 70's anime, and a historical one too (Set in 1918). Probably one of the the best shojo of the 70's with Candy, Rose of Versaille and Ace wo Nerae.

  11. Anyone here want to take bets as to which WMT series Licca fansubs will do?

    I'd say it will be Tom Sawyer, Swiss Family Robinson, and Little Wo-*gets shot*

    Ahem, I bet you all it's Lucy of the Sourthern Rainbow, My Annette: Story of the Alps, and Little Prince Cedie.

    Southern Rainbow is out of print, so I'm not sure they would work on that.

  12. Southern Rainbow out of print? There's a copy posted here if anyone is interested. Its on page 7 or 8.

    Most of the other WMT series are there too.

  13. I'm pretty sure just about every WMT series out there is still available on DVD. Some of the novels, on the other hand, are out of print.

  14. this place is so nice to visit, clean with stories that make you feel happy and some which bring up different issues which make you think and feel good thinking about. congratulations on your aniversery! i hope the next year brings you alot of positive changes in all of your lives!

  15. Yea, I meant to say that the novel, Southern Rainbow, is out of print. You can't even buy a used copy anywhere online. Such a rare book...

    The only places I know that have a copy of the book are public libraries in Australia and the UK.

    Here's a physical copy of the English and Japanese book:

    Other pages/sites:

  16. Sometimes libraries cancel books and sell them. That's where I got my copy of Southern Rainbow from several years ago. Unfortunately it's the soft cover version (what librarian buys soft cover for a library O_o)

  17. I assume the book hasn't been reprinted for like... forever so I think all the libraries must have sold all their copies by now :(