Tuesday, August 9, 2011

(Birthday Celebration) Little Women II - Jo's Boys Episode 7 released!

When Nat went into school on Monday morning, he quaked inwardly, for now he thought he should have to display his ignorance before them all. But Mr. Bhaer gave him a seat in the deep window, where he could turn his back on the others, and Franz heard him say his lessons there, so no one could hear his blunders or see how he blotted his copybook. He was truly grateful for this, and toiled away so diligently that Mr. Bhaer said, smiling, when he saw his hot face and inky fingers:

"Don't work so hard, my boy; you will tire yourself out, and there is time enough."

"But I must work hard, or I can't catch up with the others. They know heaps, and I don't know anything," said Nat, who had been reduced to a state of despair by hearing the boys recite their grammar, history, and geography with what he thought amazing ease and accuracy.

"You know a good many things which they don't," said Mr. Bhaer, sitting down beside him, while Franz led a class of small students through the intricacies of the multiplication table.

"Do I?" and Nat looked utterly incredulous.

"Yes; for one thing, you can keep your temper, and Jack, who is quick at numbers, cannot; that is an excellent lesson, and I think you have learned it well. Then, you can play the violin, and not one of the lads can, though they want to do it very much. But, best of all, Nat, you really care to learn something, and that is half the battle. It seems hard at first, and you will feel discouraged, but plod away, and things will get easier and easier as you go on."

- Little Men, Chapter 4

We continue the birthday celebration with episode 7 of Little Women II - Jo's Boys.

In this episode, every one finds a way to help Nat out with what they knew best.  However, ultimately Nat has to be the one to be willing to accept the help and to do the work to learn everything he is taught. With the help of all his friends in Plumfield, he exceeds everyone's expectations.

You can obtain this episode from your standard anime torrent indexing sites.

We've got a few more releases coming after this one! Stay tuned!

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  1. Happy Birthday and thanks for this WMT Gem!