Monday, March 21, 2011

Pollyanna Episode 5 released!

"Poor little lamb! And you must be hungry, too. I—I'm afraid you'll have ter have bread and milk in the kitchen with me. Yer aunt didn't like it—because you didn't come down ter supper, ye know."

"But I couldn't. I was up here."

"Yes; but—she didn't know that, you see!" observed Nancy, dryly, stifling a chuckle. "I'm sorry about the bread and milk; I am, I am."

"Oh, I'm not. I'm glad."

"Glad! Why?"

"Why, I like bread and milk, and I'd like to eat with you. I don't see any trouble about being glad about that."

"You don't seem ter see any trouble bein' glad about everythin'," retorted Nancy, choking a little over her remembrance of Pollyanna's brave attempts to like the bare little attic room.

Pollyanna laughed softly.

"Well, that's the game, you know, anyway."


"Yes; the 'just being glad' game."

"Whatever in the world are you talkin' about?"

"Why, it's a game. Father told it to me, and it's lovely," rejoined Pollyanna. "We've played it always, ever since I was a little, little girl. I told the Ladies' Aid, and they played it—some of them." 

- Pollyanna, Chapter 5

In this episode, Pollyanna jumps out of the window, causing her to miss supper.  Nancy goes and looks for her.  Aunt Polly wanted to punish her by only allowing her bread and milk, but Pollyanna doesn't mind.

In addition, she's gotten Nancy to play the Glad Game.  

You can obtain this episode from your standard anime torrent indexing sites.


  1. Thanks alot for this great episode!

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  3. Thank you guys, u r awesome!!! At first i was somehow set aback by the name and story, but now I'm a faithful watching dog of the Licca announcement releases

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  5. I saw this episode earlier this week and I loved it. What I especially loved is that they changed the reason why Pollyanna plays the glad game. That whole crutches thing made absolutely NO sense to me. AT ALL. And it still doesn't make sense! I'm glad the anime cut that part out.

  6. Anyone here seen the Masterpiece Theatre of Pollyanna? I hear its very faithful to the book.

    You can watch a scene here, similar to this post's episode:

    And as Julia said, the crutches thing doesn't make sense here either!