Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Policy on beginning series in progress by other fansubbers

Licca Fansubs will not begin a series that is in progress by other fansubbers unless if the series has been officially dropped by the fansubber, or if the fansubber is no longer in operation.

One of rules that we follow here at Licca Fansubs is that we treat all other fansubbing groups with respect, courtesy, and professionalism.  By extension, this means if the other group is actively working on a project, then it is officially off-limits to us.  This is a matter of courtesy and respect to the other groups.

This means in terms of World Masterpiece Theater series, the following series are officially off-limits to us:
  • Heidi, Girl of the Alps
  • Anne of the Green Gables
  • The Story of Perrine
  • 3000 Leagues in Search of Mother
  • Katri, Girl of the Meadows
  • Trapp Family Story
  • Tico of the Seven Seas
  • Romeo's Blue Skies
  • Nobody's Girl Remi
  • Porphy's Long Journey
  • Konnichiwa Anne: Before Green Gables
Please support the other groups working on these series.


  1. Live-Evil has spent well over a year since their last subbed release of "Trapp Family Story" It's safe to say that they can't handle the project... besides the ones that they have been doing it's been like a month between releases...

    There is nothing professional about that, so subbing the series shouldn't be a problem there.

  2. I mainly wrote this post to at least codify our policies on this issue. I'll address your concerns about Live-Evil in another post, once I clear up some of my encoding backlog.

  3. k, gotcha.

    I've been looking at their forum post for "Trapp Family Story" and the way the people there are talking, it's as if that they have hit a brick wall and can't do anything more...

    Someone made a reply on December 30th about wanting to help, but there has been no replay to that at all yet...

  4. I understand and respect your position and I'm agree with it. On the other hand, I could understand the hope of the people to get a completed version of this many majestic WMT to get subtitled in a visible future. It's easy to fear that these project are dropped sometime considering the long periode between releases but I have a deep trust in the fansub comunity and I'm think that patience is always rewarded (Back in the VHS days I remember it takes 4 years to get Maison Ikkoku subbed entirely but it's worth the wait!). Considering are rare translator seem to became these days, I could only hailed, praised and respect the fansub group that keep the flame of anime alive with there devotion, passion and integrity. And Licca Fansub is a outstanding exemple of that. Thanks again to you and tho all groups that still going strong to preserv the anime cause!

  5. About Porfy's Long Journey, Hestia herself has said that she knows she can't finish the series with her pace, and that she hopes her work will attract the interest of a fansubbing group who can handle the series. So I think that one is safe.

  6. Hi,
    both 3000 Leagues in Search of Mother and Perrine has a full subtitled versions, which can be found on bakaBT

  7. [Aoi-Anime] Konnichiwa Anne: Before Green Gables


  8. @o,o: That's true, but ray=out is still working on it.

  9. You don't necessary have to take this projects away from those fansubbers, there is always the joint option. Now that I remembered L-E... I'm still in tears while waiting for "The Snow Queen"...

  10. I could say that most of Live-Evil projects are being worked on, even when they haven't released in a long time.. this have been proven many time in the past, so my bet is to leave these series for now.

    And I'd like to point out the Porphy's subbing group dropped that project long time ago, as it was mentioned eariler.

  11. I see what you guys mean,yeah,it would'nt be fair to sub a series that another fansubbing group is working on,and as far as I know,2 of the 80's World masterpiece theater animes which have'nt been subbed yet are Shoujo Ai Pollyanna and the little women anime,I would love to see Pollyanna subbed someday.

  12. I, too, suffered from the waits of L-E so many times that when they start a series, I wait until I download the last episode before watching it.. it's very painful when you have to wait 4-5 months to get an episode.. but again, it's not like they are getting paid for it, all we could do is thank them.

  13. Yes, ray=out is still doing Konnichiwa Anne.

    The joint option is available. However, that would require us to recruit more translators, as we would not even be considered for a joint without providing the translators. This group is simply not quite ready to be able to recruit the caliber of translators needed to translate a WMT series.

    As for Porphy's Long Journey, I personally did not know that they dropped it. It is fairly far down the list on series we could do, though. The main problem is there isn't enough manpower to do everything out there.

  14. I mean recruit translators who are able to translate WMT series.

  15. C1Anime's domain registration expired. I hope they are still active and notice...

  16. As far as Heidi is concerned:
    Looks like MJN released their last episode of Heidi (ep4) on Jan 8, 2008- over 3 years ago. (Looked on their website.) It would probably be good to post on their forum to see if they still plan to release, at least for form's sake, but I think they would probably welcome having a group want to finish this series in a way it deserves. Scenes from this series have been parodied in anime and live action for years; that is generally only done to something so good or successful it is universally known. This series deserves to be subbed by someone as good as your group. Thanks!

  17. You guys should do Tico of the Seven Seas and
    Katri, Girl of the Meadows. Live-Evil hasn't released any new episodes of katri in a while so mostly they might give up on it. Its the same thing with MJN who has been fansubing tico.

  18. A key member (for live-evil) that was working on Katri went MIA and hasn't come back. It's safe to say that Katri is a lost cause.
    and Trapp 25 just got released.