Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Little Princess Sara Episode 32 released!

"Why was I not man enough to stand my ground when things looked black?" Carrisford groaned in petulant misery. "I believe I should have stood my ground if I had not been responsible for other people's money as well as my own. Poor Crewe had put into the scheme every penny that he owned. He trusted me—he LOVED me. And he died thinking I had ruined him—I—Tom Carrisford, who played cricket at Eton with him. What a villain he must have thought me!"

"Don't reproach yourself so bitterly."

"I don't reproach myself because the speculation threatened to fail—I reproach myself for losing my courage. I ran away like a swindler and a thief, because I could not face my best friend and tell him I had ruined him and his child." 

- A Little Princess, chapter 12

In this episode, Carrisford tells Carmichael how the diamond mines that he invested in with Ralph Crewe resulted in his current state today.  In addition, he says he has to find Ralph's "Little Missus", but unfortunately, he does not remember her name...

You can obtain this episode from your standard anime torrent indexing sites.


  1. Welcome back! Thanks for this grandiose releases! I love your devotion to the old school shoujo anime cause!

  2. On Jan 8th , you promised that you will announce the super secret project in January, and I've been waiting ever since, but now only couple of hours remain.. so I think you should announce it now.

    I am not asking for a release, just an announcement, you owe us that much.