Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Little Princess Sara Episode 4 released!

This episode corresponds to chapter 3 of the novel, where we introduce Ermengarde in more detail.

You can obtain this episode from your standard anime torrent listing sites.


  1. yeah about time you released it what took you guys so long? seriously pick up the pace or stop subbing it

  2. Don't be so rude to them! The staff here have lives too! You shouldn't be mad at them for taking a short break or something like that. And don't expect them to pick up the pace! They'll do that if THEY want to! You shouldn't expect them to sub a 46 episode anime within a week or something!

  3. lol I wonder if anonymous above me did meant it the way he/she said it O_o;

    And thanks for subbing this series
    A little Princes is part of my childhood
    And I am always happy to see those 'old' anime in the original language (I was happy when someone started subbing Tico...and I'd be exploding if someone ever started subbing Little Women+Little Men)

    So thanks a lot :3

  4. Yeah, I phrased my retaliation wrong, I know. I do that with everything. I can't help it. I can never find the right words for everything. But still, he was being rude to them! He shouldn't expect them to either pick up the pace with subbing this anime or stop subbing it. He should be happy it's even getting subbed at all! And besides, they promised to give it very good treatment so maybe that could be why they took the time they did.

    But still, thanks for the episode! I can't watch it this week because of school stuff, but I definitely will once I'm finished!

  5. haha I'm pretty sure the first comment in sarcasm. No need for such a serious reaction.

  6. thank you for subbing this old show in HQ.

    i wish you good luck.

  7. This episode just took us a little bit longer than normal due to unexpected difficulties. It happens on occasion.

  8. Super thanks for this wonderful episode! Your an exemple all anime fansub comunity! Dedication to old school anime is priceless! Thankx again!

  9. Little Princess...
    Thank you so much for taking this project.
    I love you guys <3

  10. Oldschool rules! Thank you for your hard work on this highly enjoyable series.

  11. Your pace has been magnificent!

    I don't think I have never seen such frequent releases on Old school anime and I follow Old School fansubs for almost a decade.

    Thanks a lot and keep up with the great work.