Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Les Miserables Episode 26 released! (joint with Wasurenai Fansubs)

So, this probably came out from left field.  We at Licca Fansubs have taken on a third project.

We will be providing translation support with Wasurenai Fansubs on their efforts to do Les Miserables.

You can obtain this episode from the usual anime torrent indexing sites.


  1. WHOA! ARE YOU SERIOUS!? Okay, you guys are officially awesome! I love the anime for Les Mis, and you guys are awesome in helping out! Once again, thanks so much (along with Wasurenai, of course)!

  2. Thanks now more WMT godness! Thanks Licca sub and Wasurenai! :)


    Finally some speed to the releases ^.^
    It's been awhile since we've had a good group working on one of these old classic series ^.^

    so much more calming of series choice than mecha or harem-based animes, lol

    Keep up the good work, I look forward to the rest of this series as well as ep12+ of Little Princess Sara ^.^

  4. Well, it is definitely no joke. I will have a post describing our expectations and thoughts on working on Les Miserables.

  5. AWESOME! You guys are helping out!
    Thanks for that. It takes so long for them just to release it. like about once a month or so

  6. This. It totally made my day, Just THANK YOU so much for picking this joint up. You guys are officially my favorite fan sub group by now. Now the only thing left Before Green Gables getting subbed further and my life will be made Lmao ;P

  7. the sound of this episode.. is incompliance with the animation..

    can fix that problem?

  8. @Reyna : Perhaps your wish will come true (give about 3 weeks).

    ray=out anime fansub and services

  9. The torrents for 26 and 27 no longer exist due to the tracker going down. However, Wasurenai's website does have DDL links you can get 26 and 27.