Friday, November 12, 2010

A Little Princess Sara Episode 2 released!

This episode corresponds to the second half of chapter 1. 

You can obtain this episode from your standard anime torrent listing sites.

There is going to be a slight delay for episode 3 due to some logistical issues.  We apologize for any inconvenience.


  1. wow, the lovely Sara! I liked it so much when I was a kid, she's so sweet.

  2. I can't help it to cry after seeing how she suffer once things start to turn bad, all those suffering, those friendship, those helping hand and the emotional ending toward the last few episode, the reunion toward the end. Can't wait to get through this series again. Now I got to admit I am desperately want to see you release a episode of the second series you are planning to do at the same time.

  3. Thanks again for this majestic serie!

  4. how can I watch it?

  5. i love sara's doll emily. I want this doll! T^T
    I too want the sara doll. did u saw this princess sara dolls?

    I love this anime it is my favorite