Monday, November 29, 2010

Les Miserables Episodes 26v2, 27v2

For those of you who were having problems with the audio for Les Miserables (mostly people using older players and people using QT/Perian on Mac OS X), v2 encodes have been released to address these issues.


  1. I'm so happy that you guys are taking the time to help Wasurenai with the rest of Les Miserables the anime! Even though it was made in 2007, it's still a wonderful WMT title (and a highly misunderstood and underappreciated one at that) that deserves the good recognition it deserves! I love it myself, of course nothing can beat my number one favorite WMT title (Dog of Flanders)! Thank you very much!

    Oh! This thought kind of struck me earlier. Have you guys ever heard of Emily of New Moon? It's a book by Lucy Maud Montgomery (author of Anne of Green Gables) that got adapted into a 26 episode anime back in 2007. Even though it's not a World Masterpiece Theater title, it's still rather unknown and underappreciated. If you guys are interested (or are finished with one of your projects), I thought maybe you'd like to take it up in the future. I don't mean to pressure you or anything. Just a simple suggestion is all. Again, thanks very much for your hard work on Princess Sara and Les Miserables and your other project that has yet to be announced!

  2. Oh wait! Never mind! Sorry! Another group already did EoNM. Argh! I'm so stupid!