Friday, March 16, 2012

Perrine Episode 36 released!

Monsieur Vulfran's fingers tightened over hers. She did not understand this movement.

"Oh, forgive me; I am boring you," she said. "I am telling you things perhaps that are of no interest."

"You are not boring me, Aurelie," said the blind man. "On the contrary, I am pleased to know, what an honest little girl you are. I like people who have courage, will, and determination, and who do not easily give up. If I like finding such qualities in men, how much more pleasure does it give me to find them in a girl of your age! So ... you started with five francs thirty-five centimes in your pocket?..."

"A knife, a piece of soap," continued little Perrine, "a thimble, two needles, some thread and a map of the roads, that was all."

- En Famille, Chapter 17

In this episode, Perrine's grandfather hears about how she got to Maraucourt.

You can obtain this episode from your standard anime torrent indexing sites, or you may download this from the DDL links on KiteSeekers or Wasurenai's web sites.


  1. Infinite thanks for this old school WMT!

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