Sunday, March 11, 2012

Perrine Episode 35 released!

"These fellows won't do much before Fabry returns," he said. "That's not surprising considering the supervision you have given them, uncle."

He said this jeeringly, but instead of taking his words lightly, his uncle reprimanded him severely: "If you had been able to attend to this matter, I should not have been forced to have called in this little girl, who until now has only pushed trucks."

Perrine saw Casimir bite his lip in anger, but he controlled himself and said lightly: "If I had foreseen that I should have to give up a government position for a commercial one, I should certainly have learned English in preference to German."

"It is never too late to learn," replied his uncle in a tone that brooked no further parley.

The quick words on both sides had been spoken in evident displeasure.

Perrine had made herself as small as possible. She had not dared move, but Casimir did not even turn his eyes in her direction, and almost at once he went out, giving his arm to his uncle. Then she was able to give free rein to her thoughts. How severe M. Vulfran was with his nephew, but what a disagreeable, horrid youth was that nephew! If they had any affection for one another it certainly was not apparent. Why was it? Why wasn't this nephew kind to his old uncle, who was blind and broken down with sorrow? And why was the old man so hard with a nephew who was taking the place of his own son?

- En Famille, Chapter 16

We will be jointing with Kiteseekers and Wasurenai to finish up Perrine Monogatari (The Story of Perrine).

In this episode, Perrine works as an English interpreter for her grandfather.  At this point, he does not know that she is his granddaughter.  However, she has now managed to get into the middle of a contentious battle for control of her grandfather's business.

You can obtain this episode from your standard torrent indexing sites, or you may go to Kiteseekers or Wasurenai's websites for direct download links.


  1. Thanks for this old school WMT present surprise! Long live Licca, Wasurenai and Kiteseeker!

  2. Yay!~ I've been waiting for new releases of Perrine for over a year now.

    Thank you all for fansubbing this =)

  3. WOW, awesome,. proper subs for an awesome WMT series!!

    Thank you very much, keep them coming, one day we may have all WMT series subbed, well, Little women not I guess of reasons known.

    Perrine YAY!!!

  4. I was a little surprised this one was chosen. I know C1 didn't finish, but there is a completed version done by Neo1024. I will admit I think C1's version has better subs, though. I have both, and can compare them.

  5. Doll Licca,

    I hope you are feeling better. I was unaware of this series until I saw your link for this episode on Nyaa Torrents. The series sounds interesting enough I would like to see it all.

    I see that Kiteseekers and Wasurenai both state they will have a link to C1's episodes 1-34. I guess I will have to wait for it.

    I did find the entire series on BakaBT, but from what Goldielover says the subs on that version may not be as nice as C1's. I will probably stick with your subs for this, since I am a fan of your work so far.

    Keep up the good work and stay healthy!

  6. excellent news! You already did a great deal in subbing wonderful WMTs and bringing up our childhood series. WE love you Licca and wish you good health!

  7. I think episodes 1 - 34 of Perrine were done by C1Anime.

  8. I must say that Perrine has turned out to be one of my absolute favourite WMT series. I've been watching one episode a week for the last year and I'm now just about to watch episode 53, the last of the series. I'll be sad to see the end of it but no doubt I will rewatch it all again in a few years time :)

    While not perfect, the neo1024 episodes are watchable and I was thankful he took the effort to release them. Will now look forward to your releases when I next watch Perrine.

    One final point, the novel is available on Project Gutenberg translated into English.
    Would recommend any who watched the anime to take the time and read the original.

    Thanks to Licca and of course Kiteseekers and Wasurenai. Will start Pollyanna next week, become a real WMT junkie thanks to you.

  9. Thanks for taking your time on working on this project. It 's a real pleasure to see your dedication on each series you take. As you said, Perrine does have an incredible and powerful ending.

    Best Regards,