Saturday, March 10, 2012

How about another project? (and some news)

First thing, I would like to apologize for not having Porphy and Annette episodes out on a regular basis.  I have been fighting a viral infection all week and have not had the time or the energy to properly do fansubbing activities.  Episodes will be released as my health permits me to work on fansubbing.

Second thing, we will be jointing with a couple of other groups to finish up a series that did not get fansubbed in its entirety.  We will be releasing the next episode in that series within the next day or two.


  1. Hope the viral infection is better soon. Not sure if your new project is another WMT or not, but one non WMT series that I know did not get completed is Lady Georgie. I'd love to see that one in its entirety. Or maybe it is the WMT series Before Green Gables? I'm pretty sure that one stalled too. Wait and see, I guess.

  2. i can understand you good enough. i´m also ill since thursday. and i can´t do things i´d like to do, too. but im recovering little by little.
    i hope you can recover soon.

    oh, and i´m looking forward to your other new projects.

  3. At first I thought you were fansubbing a movie until I saw the word series. Oh well. Hope everything goes well for you, and I hope you feel better soon!

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  5. Apologize?? You gotta be kidding! You've done an amazing job already... And you certainly don't owe anybody an apology for that! But I believe we DO owe you a big THANK YOU for all the wonderful anime you've been subbing and sharing with us. :-)

    Please take a very good care of your health and get well soon! :-)

    Now about that new project, is it gonna be "Perine"?? :P
    Well, I do certainly hope so!
    "Perine" is WMT and "C1 Anime" subbed only up to episode 34.

  6. @ Goldielover:

    I didn't know that someone was fansubbing "Lady Georgie"!
    Who was the fansubber? And how many episodes were completed?

  7. Actually, Lady Georgie is NOT a WMT title. It's just an old classic shoujo manga.

  8. I hope you'll getting well soon Licca! Thanks for your magnificient devotion to the old school anime cause! About Georgie, even if it's not a WMT, it's still a magnificient piece of old school dramatic shoujo, the best kind of anime there is. On the same not it would be amazing to see Haikara San Ga Tooru sub. It's an historical shoujo from 1978 but it's made by Nippon animation, the great studio behind all WMT. An absolute must to see.

  9. Anyone here want to guess which project they have chosen to fansub?

    I predict it's either:

    1. Before Green Gables with ray=out
    2. Perrine Monogatari with C1Anime
    3. Nobody's Girl Remi with Takara Fansubs

  10. I'm guessing it's probably not Georgie, but I would love to see somebody finish subbing that one day :)

  11. @Hi No Tori, Lady Georgie was fansubbed by someone called Nightvision. I think they reached to about episode 28. The first 22 were available on the torrent sites and are fairly good quality. The later episodes seem to be on Youtube only, and aren't quite such good video quality as the earlier ones.

  12. Nyaa at best might have the first 14 and I'm not sure about seeding. Where did you see it Goldie? Would love to see it consolidated.

    Am throwing hat in with loving to see BGG or LG. There's already a full Perrine out there (though kinda low quality at times, I'm sure C1/Licca's will be better).