Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Expectations for Perrine

I've been meaning to make this post yesterday, but due to things happening and the fact that I'm still a bit queasy, I've had to delay this post until today.

Perrine was another one of the WMT series that was frequently requested.  C1 Anime staff members generously gave us the remaining translated scripts for Perrine right before they shut down.  With that, we will be continuing their work and finishing up the series.

This joint project had been in planning for the last couple of months.  Our role in this joint will be mostly translation checking, encoding, and any other roles that we may be asked to assist in.  Our plan is a release once every week or two weeks, depending on the schedule of the other staff members involved in this series.

For the most part, we will try to stay within the spirit of how C1 originally did the series.  This series has one of the most beautiful endings out of all the WMT series, and we will make sure that our work on the series will do it justice, as fansubbers should strive to do.


  1. I sure didn't see this coming, but I'm happy you're taking it up anyway! Thanks so much, Licca Fansubs!

    But I must say, I do kind of have my doubts. Should you really be taking on so many projects at one time? I mean, now you're working on FIVE anime, four of them being World Masterpiece Theater anime. I think you should work on one project at a time instead of tackle so many at once. It might be bad for your health. Sometimes that happens. Oh don't get me wrong, I'm happy you're picking up more projects, but you should also consider how tackling so many anime can have it's repercussions, especially on one's health.

  2. If I were actually doing the translation for Perrine, then it would actually be a much more difficult thing to fit in. A translation check is, for the most part, is quite a bit easier to deal with.

    From the scripts of Perrine I've worked on so far, the translation is pretty sound and I've only had to do some tweaking of the translation based on how I would translate. In addition, Perrine episodes tend to have a little bit less dialogue than most of the series that I've got on my plate. (My Annette has been probably our heaviest series in terms of sheer amount of dialogue.)

    Besides, I've got good staff members backing me up and making my job easier. That goes a long way in keeping me motivated and sane.

  3. Perrine!!
    Awesome news!
    Another great series. Thank you so much.

  4. I completely agree about the ending. Perrine's ending was amazing. I found a lot of WMT series have really sudden endings leaving me with a disappointed feeling (especially Daddy Long legs and Princess Sara). Perrine didn't do that for me. it was perfect.

    I am going to re-watch right it now just so I can watch your new releases :D

    1. The reason why Daddy Long Legs and A Little Princess Sara's endings seem abrupt is because the novels they are based on end pretty abruptly. The strengths of those two series are on the story and the character development.

    2. I never thought Little Princess Sara's ending was abrupt, both novel and anime. I thought they fit perfectly, and you have to admit, they're a LOT better than modern anime endings in this day and age (not that I'm an anime ending hater. It's just what people say).

    3. It's true.
      Most anime endings this days are pretty bad.
      I'm yet to watch Daddy Long Legs, but I loved the ending of Princess Sara.

  5. Perrine!! *-*

    Thanks for translate this awesome WMT! ^^

  6. Oh! By the way...are you guys going to release episodes 1-34 as well? Just curious.

  7. They obviously aren't you should pay attention on what they have written. They are picking the series from where C1 have picked and using C1 scripts.

    Thnks a lot for continuing this masterpiece, it sure and rightfully deserves a better version than the one that's out there already.


  8. Where can we find the first 1-34 Perrine episodes? Sorry if this was answered before, but it's been a while since I've last checked the Licca web page (new job offer and such). *blush*