Sunday, October 2, 2011

Little Women II - Jo's Boys Episode 13 released!

Mr. Bhaer did not approve of fighting, and did not think it a proof of either manliness or courage for two lads to pommel one another for the amusement of the rest. All sorts of hardy games and exercises were encouraged, and the boys were expected to take hard knocks and tumbles without whining; but black eyes and bloody noses given for the fun of it were forbidden as a foolish and a brutal play.

Dan laughed at this rule, and told such exciting tales of his own valor, and the many frays that he had been in, that some of the lads were fired with a desire to have a regular good "mill."

- Little Men, Chapter 6

In this episode, Dan continues his mistrust towards various residents of Plumfield.  However, when he claimed that Jo had ulterior motives for being kind, Emil takes exception and calls Dan out to a fight, contrary to the school rules. (Granted, Emil is probably one of the few people living there who could probably break that rule and get away with it.)


  1. Thanks for this glorious WMT Gem!

  2. Just want to ask...
    can you recommend a converter that supports Hi-10P, cause I convert most of my anime for my ipod... thanks

  3. Thank's for your hard work!

  4. I don't know of anything right off the top of my head for converting Hi10P videos to your iPod, as I don't have one to test a conversion program on.

    I would recommend trying it with the regular h.264 version.

  5. I adored this series when I was younger and was convinced that I wouldn't be able to find it on the net.

    Thank you SO much!

  6. Hi, where can I find copies of these videos to watch? Are they only available via bit torrent? Thanks!