Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy Kappi Episode 25 and 1v2 released!

Kappi is back to stay!

We have also released a version 2 of episode 1 of Happy Kappi.  This addresses some translation errors that we made.

With this, this concludes most of our work on Happy Kappi (I still have to encode the Hi10P versions for episodes 2-19).  As usual, I would like to conclude with a few remarks.

As most people know, choosing to sub this series was mostly an impulse decision, and I am very aware that most people shunned it or ignored it for the most part.  I would like to personally say that this series is probably one of the crown jewels from the Spring 2011 season.  This series was able to hook me better than just about any other series in the entire Spring 2011 lineup.  Each episode was a joy to work on, and translating each episode gave me a sense of euphoria.

I personally hope that everyone at least give this series a chance (and not just watch an episode and base your opinions on that).

This also marks the first entire anime series that has been subbed and released in the VP8/WebM format.

We will be releasing batch torrents for Happy Kappi as soon as I get the Hi10P encodes done.  This should be within the next few days.  We may be releasing more version 2s as I go through each encode.


  1. I'd take pride in doing a great job. The ending justifies the means ;)

    Well done Licca!

  2. As Steve Jobs said: People With Passion Can Change The World. Keep going Licca!

  3. This isn't the sort of show I'm usually interested in, but due to the short run-time I took a chance on it, and I'm glad I did! It was a pleasant break each week and I always looked forward to the next release. Thank you for all your work, it was very much appreciated! :D