Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Little Princess Sara Episode 34 released!

"I can't bear this," said the poor child, trembling. "I know I shall die. I'm cold; I'm wet; I'm starving to death. I've walked a thousand miles today, and they have done nothing but scold me from morning until night. And because I could not find that last thing the cook sent me for, they would not give me any supper. Some men laughed at me because my old shoes made me slip down in the mud. I'm covered with mud now. And they laughed. Do you hear?"

- A Little Princess, chapter 10

In this episode, Lavinia's newest dress has been ruined due to unfortunate circumstances.  As usual, she blames Sara.  To attempt to rectify the situation, Sara has to go out in the storm....

You can obtain this from your anime torrent indexing sites.

This marks the 3/4 point of the series.  There are 12 episodes left.  Here's what to expect for the last set of episodes:

1.  If you remember from the novel, there is a chapter entitled "The Magic".  This is coming up in episode 36.  However, the anime series takes this and puts a rather interesting twist to it.

2.  Sara's determination to stay in the seminary will waver as things about to get even worse for her.

3.  Thank goodness Mr. Carrisford and Ram Dass are next door....


  1. Thanks for this sublime WMT Drama!

  2. The way Lavinia is, I hope she gets what's coming to her... Especially after what happened in the episode...