Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Future schedule

This is an opportune time to talk about our future schedule.  Most of this hinges on having a brief hiatus during the last weekend of February or the first weekend of March (due to staff scheduling).

A Little Princess Sara

We currently have episodes 41-46 left.  Given our current release schedule and the hiatus coming up, we will probably have that completed sometime in the first week of March.  In addition, we will also release the TV summary special, which is an hour and a half compressed summary of the series, suitable if you have children who cannot watch through all 46 episodes.  There will probably be a batch torrent soon after the summary special is released.

Les Miserables: Shoujo Cosette

We currently have episodes 46-52 left, and we are also redoing episodes 2-7 as well.  As the scheduling for this is not really under our control and relies on resources from Wasurenai, we cannot give a firm date on when we will have this series completely done.  However, we will finish out the remaining episodes as expediently as possible.

Starting from episode 46, we will work on and release episodes in the following pattern: 46, 2, 47, 3, 48, 4, etc.  We will try to at least double release each group of two episodes as much as possible.

The unidentified secret project

Once we clear our backlog on Les Miserables, we should be able to devote more resources into this project.

What happens after we finish A Little Princess Sara?

As referenced in an earlier post, we have already selected another WMT series to work on after that.  We will not reveal this series yet, but we hope that everyone will enjoy watching it.  Again, as per our operational guidelines, we will probably spend about a week or two doing research in preparation for this WMT series that we will be working on.  In addition, we will also be trying some new things regarding encoding for this series.  We will also use this week or two to clear our backlog of Les Miserables episodes and maybe work on a side project or two.

We at Licca Fansubs thank everyone for your support for us, and we hope to continue providing quality releases of older anime.


  1. Thank you so much for all your efforts, and for giving us the oportunity to see these wonderful masterpiece series.

    Thanks :-)

  2. Hoping for half of the series' batch ; A;
    The old episodes have low seeds or prolly none at all, and back then I couldn't dl because of my net. /sigh.
    I mean, of course if it's not much trouble that is :'O

    And I want to guess your next project: Cedi? Ahaha, just kidding. Although it'd be nice to see that series again > w< (or perhaps Remi?) but then there's lots of WMT works to choose from, I could be wrong. Either way, I can't wait for that next project.

    But before that, it would be really nice to get a half-batch release for both series :'<
    Especially Les. I've been wanting to check the series out >_<

  3. The NyaaTorrents seeder/leecher count is not accurate; a lot of the 0/0s actually have seeds on them. The Sara torrents have been seeded pretty well, unlike the Licca-chan torrents.

  4. thanks licca.. i eagerly waitng for all the episode of sara.... i wish ur new project will b remi... i love watch tht.... nd thanks alot nd god bless u..... even though my exams on head bt i resist to watch sara... plz keep ur good work...

  5. means i cant resist watchng sara... thanks

  6. @naz: Remi has already been released as it got a R1 DVD release. Rips of it are on BakaBT if I recall correctly.

  7. i am awaiting something, i hope it's one of my favorites !

  8. In terms of Remi, there are two versions.

    The boy version (which is not the WMT version) has already been subbed by Takara Fansubs (, and they have DDL links for that.

    The girl version, which is the WMT version, is also being subbed by Takara Fansubs, but they only have the first two episodes out at the moment.

  9. @doll_licca: The boy version wasn't subbed by Takara Fansubs. They used the R1 subtitles. I believe they just ripped that one.

    Ah yes, I always forget Remi isnt a WMT series. I personally think the TMS series is better than the WMT though.

  10. @doll licca nd @anonymous.... thanks for information... i look forward for it... :)

  11. Thank you very much for bringing us these wonderful series!
    Will you be doing episode 10 from Les Miserables too? There isn't any HD version of it.

  12. I would Love to see Shoujo Ai Pollyanna Subbed,it's such a cute heartwarming series ^^

  13. Episode 10 has been done by us and aoi already in HD. We'll be in batch. If you want early, get off ours or aoi's IRC.

  14. I'm personally hoping for Ai Shite Night, but as long as it's a shoujo I'll be happy with everything you choose. can't wait to see what you guys have choose. Till now you've brought me only happiness ^^.