Thursday, August 15, 2013

My Annette batch torrents released, and hiatus

Batch torrents for My Annette have been released.  There are two more version 2 encodes in this batch torrent, namely episodes 3 and 21.

If you already have the episodes, please seed the torrents if you can.

In other news, I will be on vacation (going to an anime convention) for the next few days, so the group will be in hiatus until Monday, August 19th.  Afterwards, Lucy-May of the Southern Rainbow will take over My Annette's slot, and it will be our main focus.

Normally, I would be deciding on another series to replace Lucy-May's slot.  However, due to the fact that I don't have as much energy to do these things, I will be postponing my decision on what to do with that until after my vacation.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

My Annette Episode 48 released!

Lucien turned away, because there were tears in his eyes. He had been honored above everybody--his sin was forgiven and forgotten forever--Dani could walk just as though he had never fallen.

As Lucien turned he noticed that the almond tree on the platform had burst into flower at the top. Yesterday there was nothing but its bare branches; but spring had proved too strong for it, and straight from the bare wood had come the starry pink blossoms.

The winter was over and gone, the flowers had come to the north--and the birds had begun their singing.

- Treasures of the Snow, Chapter 26

The final episode pretty much neatly wraps up the story.  Everything in Rossiniere is back the way it is now that Dani's leg is completely healed.  Everyone is now contemplating their future lives, as if the accident had never occurred.

As per my usual practice, I would like to make some concluding remarks.

This project has been one of the most difficult projects we have ever worked on.  Between my having health problems throughout a substantial portion of this project, staff scheduling, and the sheer emotional strength of the storyline and the faithfulness of its presentation, progress on this project was very slow and difficult.  As I mentioned in my introductory post on this series, even though the series is adapted from a primarily Christian novel, the lessons that we can take away from the series of forgiveness and patience are lessons that all faiths and creeds teach.

I would like to personally thank everyone who have assisted us in making this project possible.  Again, the sheer number of folks that have contributed to this project in some way or fashion is too numerous to count.  It didn't matter what kind of obscure material that we needed help on, such as German language translation, or obscure Biblical references, someone stepped up and made this project better in the end.

I would also like to thank all of our supporters for sticking with us thick and thin, and it is for you all that we finally finish this series.  The series was definitely difficult to work with, but it was all well worth it in the end, for the storyline and for everyone who wanted this series to be subbed.

My Annette Episode 47 released!

In this episode, Pierre and Lucien head to Lausanne to visit Dani and Annette.  It coincided with the time when Dani's cast was to be removed, and the moment of truth of whether the operation really was successful made everyone really nervous.

My Annette Episode 46 released!

In this episode, Annette and Dani cope with post-operative recovery.  In particular, Dani's leg is in traction, which makes things difficult for him, and causes him to be in a very bad mood unless Klaus is with him, in violation of hospital rules.

My Annette Episode 45 released!

In this episode, Dani enters the operating room for his operation.  Thanks to Dr. Givet's skill, Dani's operation was a success.

Friday, August 9, 2013

(3rd Birthday Celebration) My Annette Episode 44 released!

In this episode, Dani was admitted to the hospital.  However, he instantly causes trouble right then and there...

This is the last of the releases for the 3rd birthday celebration.  We will have an post at a later time on our future plans.

(3rd Birthday Celebration) My Annette Episode 43 released!

In this episode, Dani and Annette arrive in the city of Lausanne.  For them, it was a completely new experience for them.

(3rd Birthday Celebration) My Annette Episode 42 released!

In this episode, the relationship between the old man in the forest and Dr. Givet is revealed, which makes certain mannerisms of the old man obvious.

(3rd Birthday Celebration) Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure Episode 20 released!

This episode, which marks the half-way point of the series, is one of my favorites as well.  In this episode, Karen, Noelle, and Coco try to meddle in Rina's romantic life as "love detectives", but unfortunately they aren't very good at it.

(3rd Birthday Celebration) My Annette Episode 41 released!

In this episode, Lucien arrives in Montreux just in time to catch Dr. Givet just about to leave for the train station.  He comes back with Lucien to the village of Rossiniere on both the sincerity of Lucien's request, and the fact that Lucien's request had a few aspects to it that he wanted to clear up.

(3rd Birthday Celebration) My Annette Episode 40 released!

In the second part of this two-episode arc, Lucien attempts to cross the mountain pass in the middle of a fierce snowstorm, as he had to reach Montreux by morning.

(3rd Birthday Celebration) My Annette Episode 39 released!

In this episode, which is the first of a two part arc, Marie comes home, and tells Lucien about the doctor that was staying at the hotel where she worked at in Montreux.  This doctor, named Givet, supposedly is really famous and can heal any bone injury.

However, Lucien had three problems to deal with: how was he going to get the money to pay for the doctor, how was he going to get to the doctor in the snowstorm, and how was he going to convince the doctor to come back to the village to treat Dani?  The episode answers all three questions.

(3rd Birthday Celebration) Idol Densetsu Eriko 18 released!

In this episode, Eriko landed a television gig, but as part of the gig, she would have to swim in a swimming contest.  As she is unable to swim, she gets help from her friend Yasuko in order to learn how to swim.

(3rd Birthday Celebration) My Annette Episode 38 released!

In this episode, Dani wanted to participate in the annual sled race that is held in the village.  With Annette's tutelage, plus the specially-modified sled that Lucien makes for him, Dani was able to participate and hold his own with the children in his age group.

(3rd Birthday Celebration) My Annette Episode 37 released!

In this episode, Lucien receives the prize that Annette dishonestly won, but he didn't have the heart to take it.  Instead, they share the prize, thus further cementing their friendship.

(3rd Birthday Celebration) My Annette Episode 36 released!

In the second part of the climax of the series, Lucien has found Annette lying in the snow, and gets Annette home through sheer determination.

(3rd Birthday Celebration) My Annette Episode 35 released!

To begin Licca Fansubs' 3rd birthday celebration, we'll begin with one of the two episodes of My Annette that form the climax for the whole series.

In this episode, Klaus runs away from home, which makes Dani extremely upset.  Annette goes out into the snowstorm to look for Klaus, but something happens to her while she is outside....

Thursday, August 8, 2013

My Annette Episode 34 released!

For a taste of what we'll be releasing tomorrow, we'll go ahead and release some episodes of My Annette.

In this episode, Franz is leaving the village, as his father's work was to take him to Lausanne.