Friday, August 9, 2013

(3rd Birthday Celebration) My Annette Episode 39 released!

In this episode, which is the first of a two part arc, Marie comes home, and tells Lucien about the doctor that was staying at the hotel where she worked at in Montreux.  This doctor, named Givet, supposedly is really famous and can heal any bone injury.

However, Lucien had three problems to deal with: how was he going to get the money to pay for the doctor, how was he going to get to the doctor in the snowstorm, and how was he going to convince the doctor to come back to the village to treat Dani?  The episode answers all three questions.


  1. Thanks again for this sublime releases! Happy Birthday Licca!

  2. Happy Birthday. ! :P although no update on Tonde burrin
    I'm here to cheer ! BTW Where is my Cake?

  3. Thanks you very much

  4. Happy Birthday Licca-(Team)! Thank you for the splendid presents. I can´t put it in words how much means this old school animes means to me in me in my daily life. I would be happy if the young generations could watch all this timeless series with their virtues and messages.