Sunday, January 29, 2012

Porphy's Long Journey Episode 18 released!

In this episode, Porphy is spending his 13th birthday on a ship headed to Italy.  He meets some new friends on the boat.


  1. Thanks for this great WMT!

  2. Dat CG. But still thank you!

  3. Doll Licca, good form with you promptly getting this out! I recently got an email from Habitat for Humanity in effect laying me off because their sponsors supplied a lot of volunteers. I mean . . . EXCUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSE ME for trying to build a professional prologue of being somebody that sees a task through to the end and demonstrates an aptitude for the construction industry! I woke up early to walk in the dark of night to the construction site every Friday and been nothing but helpful only to get told to stay home from now on . . . while this is not paid employment, I really hate being treated that way. I probably imagine that Porphyras is beating himself up for not being able to keep tabs on Mina and not being able to do anything for his parents . . . if I had the economy and the capability, I would throw Porphyras a small birthday party; both he and I did everything right but did not get the desired results (hangs head in shame). Hang in there Porphyras!!!