Saturday, June 11, 2011

Status update and scheduling


Licca Fansubs will be on hiatus for about a week or two sometime in late June or early July.  The reason is that I will be upgrading my encoding computer to a new processor and motherboard in preparation for a potential increase in my encoding workload.  This date is dependent on the release of the next AMD processor with the Bulldozer architecture.


Work is proceeding slowly but steadily.  We're anticipating finishing the series by mid-September at the earliest.  The series is actually easier to translate than A Little Princess Sara, but there's a lot more dialogue, which makes the translation and timing steps quite a bit longer.

Happy Kappi

For Happy Kappi 10, I've been having issues with the transport stream.  It's already at the point where we will be switching to the lower resolution raw source we used for episodes 1-3.  We will be release the episodes encoded on the lower resolution raw tomorrow.  If I get more time and am able to resolve the issues with the transport stream, we will release the higher resolution version as a V2.

Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure

I'm currently translating an episode a week.  The folks at Wasurenai are having issues with their FTP server, which is causing work to slow down on their end.  We will work with them to assist in getting their FTP issues resolved so work can continue.

Some surprises

Expect to see some surprises in early July and early August.  (No, they are not what you expect.)

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