Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Expectations for Little Women II

The story about how we got to work on this series has to do with us picking up a translator that had this on a list of series he wanted to work on.  Several weeks after we got him (I had to get the DVDs imported), we have a new project that we hope that everyone will enjoy.

As previously mentioned, this is the sequel to Little Women.  The way Louisa May Alcott structured the novels, you can actually read them in pretty much in any order; any necessary background information is alluded to in an appropriate fashion.  The novel this series is based off of, "Little Men", is unique in the fact that until near the very end of the novel, you actually can pretty much read the chapters in any order with almost no loss of continuity and very minimal confusion. 

This anime takes the events of the novels and does tend to scramble them around.  For example, Nan actually does not show up in the novel until chapter 7.  The next three episodes happen fairly late in the novel, and then episode 5 takes us back to chapter 1.  However, as I have mentioned, the first 3/4ths of the anime is reasonably episodic.

We are hoping for a release once a week.  We already have episodes 2 and 3 ready for timing.

The way we are doing the translation of this series will require some knowledge of the novel; we will summarize the necessary information in a later post.

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