Sunday, June 5, 2011

Pollyanna Episode 21 released!

"Not that! Doctor, not that! You don't mean—the child—will NEVER WALK again!"

It was all confusion then. First, from the bedroom came Pollyanna's terrified "Aunt Polly Aunt Polly!" Then Miss Polly, seeing the open door and realizing that her words had been heard, gave a low little moan and—for the first time in her life—fainted dead away.

The nurse, with a choking "She heard!" stumbled toward the open door. The two doctors stayed with Miss Polly. Dr. Mead had to stay—he had caught Miss Polly as she fell. Dr. Warren stood by, helplessly. It was not until Pollyanna cried out again sharply and the nurse closed the door, that the two men, with a despairing glance into each other's eyes, awoke to the immediate duty of bringing the woman in Dr. Mead's arms back to unhappy consciousness. 

- Pollyanna, Chapter 26

In this episode, Aunt Polly's plan to keep Pollyanna in the dark on what is really going on backfires when Pollyanna overhears the conversation between Aunt Polly and the doctors.

You can obtain this episode from your standard anime torrent indexing sites.

I have an open question for people who've watched this episode.  Do you think what Aunt Polly did in this episode to hide what was really going on with Pollyanna was the right thing to do?


  1. I believe what Aunt Polly did was understandable. Pollyanna is still an child, and was bedridden. It was not completely sure before the specalist looked at the situation if Pollyanna truly would not be able to walk again. Telling Pollyanna before the specialist check-up about her situation would've killed her mood completely and freaked her out. (As we saw at the end of the episode.) Polly probably didn't want to believe it until the specialist had said otherwise either, which is why she didn't want to cause Pollyanna unnecessary worries and stress.

    Though, if Aunt Polly had told Pollyanna immediately what had been the matter, it wouldn't have been as hard hitting and shocking as it was now.

    All in all, Aunt Polly acted in a very human way. Since I can understand her way of thinking, I'm unable to decide if the actions of Aunt Polly are right or wrong.

    That were my thoughts on the whole thing ;)

  2. Many thanks for this one! I am so happy to have them coming out quickly like this!

  3. Thanks for this faboulous WMT Gem!

  4. Polly's actions were both right and a sense. On one hand, I completely understand her wanting to hide what was going on until they were completely sure. Of course she didn't want to destroy Pollyanna's hope, before she needed to. And of course, no one intended for Pollyanna to overhear they're discussions. So of course, they would have broken the news to her gently if she hadn't overheard.

    On the other hand, had I been in Pollyanna's position, I don't think I would have dealt with being left in the dark very well. I've always demanded information, and had I been in her place, would have done the same. But then again, Pollyanna didn't grow up with a nurse for a mother. XD

    So although Polly's actions appear to be wrong, I do think she acted as any parent would. And I think she too, was trying to convince herself that Pollyanna would get better. The news seemed just as much of a shock to her as it was to Pollyanna. I think sometimes we forget just how vulnerable of a character Polly...though she is put in the position of being a parent to this child, she has no idea how to do so. And even now that she has begun to love Pollyanna, she still has no clue how to act. So her actions were completely understandable.

  5. It's not a matter of right and wrong, rather of how to communicate such a news to such an energetic child. I'd keep the secret too... for a while.

  6. Please do not take the following as an insult, you do a spectacular job at your translation and releases dates.

    How much of a donation (USD)(or other type of help, TLC is about all I am good for) would be needed to get Pollyanna done within a few weeks? I believe there are 30 episodes left.

  7. We do not take donations, as we wouldn't be able to use them effectively.

    The main problem with finishing Pollyanna in a few weeks is that we aren't fast enough to do 30 episodes in a few weeks. As most of our staff members have other real-life obligations, we cannot ensure that we can finish it within that timeframe.

    Realistically, the earliest we can probably finish Pollyanna is probably mid-September. I apologize if this was not the answer you were looking for.

    As for help, we would need at least another translator and another timer in order to speed things up. However, it is very difficult to recruit people for this group because this group is not exactly the most glamorous group to work for.

  8. I had more of an elaborate post written, but am not re-writing it.

    Thanks for the reply and for the releases

    I am up to episode 30 right now, I will start to type of the script from hereon out, I just have to pay closer attention to the speaker when they speak softly. My only problem is trying to come up with decent words to use to translate, I know what they mean, but it can be taken probally 3 different ways if you don't listen.