Monday, May 9, 2011

Pollyanna Episodes 14v2, 15v2, and 16 released!

Aloud Miss Polly said nothing. To herself she said that of course she should at once undo the absurd work of her niece's fingers, and put her hair up properly again. As for "peeking" just as if she cared how—

At that moment—unaccountably—Miss Polly caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror of the dressing table. And what she saw sent such a flush of rosy color to her cheeks that—she only flushed the more at the sight.

She saw a face—not young, it is true—but just now alight with excitement and surprise. The cheeks were a pretty pink. The eyes sparkled. The hair, dark, and still damp from the outdoor air, lay in loose waves about the forehead and curved back over the ears in wonderfully becoming lines, with softening little curls here and there.

So amazed and so absorbed was Miss Polly with what she saw in the glass that she quite forgot her determination to do over her hair, until she heard Pollyanna enter the room again. Before she could move, then, she felt a folded something slipped across her eyes and tied in the back.

"Pollyanna, Pollyanna! What are you doing?" she cried.

- Pollyanna, Chapter 14

In episode 16, Pollyanna does Polly's hair, and Dr. Chilton makes Pollyanna a prescription for Mr. Pendleton.

You can obtain this episode from your standard anime torrent indexing sites.

We have also released version 2 of episodes 14 and 15.  They correct a translation error that is rather subtle, but would have been obvious for people familiar with the novel.  We apologize for the inconvenience and the time we took to get episode 16 released.


  1. oh yeah!!! been waiting for a while... THANK YOU GUYS!

  2. Thanks the fine work. A suggestion: perhaps upload your releases to a DDL site, like FileServe or MegaUpload? That would help for situations like today, when nyaatorrents is unreachable.

  3. Thanks for the releases!
    What was the "subtle error"?

  4. archivisth, Nyaa is rarely inaccessible to me, and there are other sites that take our torrent releases and make DDLs. I personally have a distaste for DDL sites on their advertisement practices, which is why I don't upload encodes onto them.

    As for the error, it involves the end of episode 14 during the warning when Aunt Polly tells Pollyanna before she was to set out for John Pendleton's home. Pollyanna was to "not make him think that [Polly] sent the gratin". It was originally translated at "not tell him that [Polly] sent the gratin." That scene was involved in a flashback in 15. It so happens that when Pollyanna accidentally blurts it out in 15, that was already correct.

    This makes the episodes in question consistent with what happens with the beginning of episode 16.

  5. Wait, I take that back about Nyaa... apparently it was down for a couple of hours earlier.

  6. Thanks for this sublime WMT Gem! I love your magnificient subbing work Licca!

  7. Thanks for continuing to sub this series :)

  8. thanks doll licca for the releases ;) my mom watch this series in the 80s on Paraguay, in Spanish Dub, now i re-watch in english subs she cried at seeing the series


    Sup from Paraguay o/