Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Next episode release will be next week

Due to real life happenings, we will release episode 27 early next week.  We apologize in advance for the delay.


  1. Your fansubs being torrent only makes it really difficult to get older episodes when they have no seeds for them. I can not understand why you are doing this torrent only when new viewers may not be able to see older episodes when the older torrents no longer have any seeds to them. Like i was trying to get episode 8 and it had just about had no seeds and now i can not watch 8 because of that.

  2. @David: Which tracker do you use? If there are no seeds you can try to add

    to the list of trackers for this torrent. Adding a new tracker sometimes really helps when downloading "torrents" with no or just a few seeds.

  3. Actually, that is the tracker we use for our releases. Basically, you're adding the same tracker twice.

    However, David does have a point about seeding, which I will address in a blog post.

  4. @Doll Licca:
    Well, when searching for torrents with (for example) isohunt you find some of your releases with either no valid http tracker, see (No valid HTTP BitTorrent tracker found) or trackers like 1 seeds 1 seeds 1 seeds
    , see So it's possible that you don't have nyatorrents in the list of trackers. Then adding it helps solving this problem (sorry, I should have explained it better)

    Well, downloading the *.torrent file from the nyatorrents page really helps, too. *g*