Monday, September 6, 2010

A little announcement

Today is Labor Day, a.k.a. do no work day.  No work is being done on Super Doll Licca-chan today. :)

I have gotten suggestions on what series we should do after Super Doll Licca-chan.  In light of those suggestions and the fact that all the series under consideration are good series, what we'll do is over the next couple of months, we'll sub the first episode of a couple of series under consideration (as we're still trying to get raws for a lot of these series).  This is to basically to gauge interest and to see if we are capable of giving the series in question the treatment and attention that they deserve.  I will not reveal the names of the series in question, except they are mostly older series that have been either been almost completely ignored or have been totally mangled in process of fansubbing.

We will not be working on these series in earnest until we finish Super Doll Licca-chan, though.  That's what this group was formed to do.


  1. That was 2 day ago :)

  2. Great!!

    As I am not really interested in Super Doll Licca-chan, I am really into old-school animes and would love to see you sub more of them..

  3. Arcas, I can tell you one of the series we are considering is an old-school anime. Personally, we are in no mood to do the really modern stuff anyway.

    Besides, Super Doll Licca-chan isn't for everybody, anyway, and I do respect that. :)

  4. Great to hear that!

    I hope you read my earlier comment about which has many complete dvd raws of 20th century animes..

  5. I wonder what they are xD the suspense is almost killing me. I know I have a few series I want to see subbed really bad. (One from the 80's and one from the 90's xD!!)