Friday, April 26, 2013

Little Women II - Jo's Boys Episode 35 released!

The little house looked as quiet, sunny, and home-like as when Meg entered it as a bride, ten years ago, only then it was early summer, and rose blossomed everywhere; now it was early autumn, and dead leaves rustled softly down, leaving the branches bare. 

The bride was a widow now; but the same beautiful serenity shone in her face, and the sweet resignation of a truly pious soul made her presence a consolation to those who came to comfort her. 

"O Meg! how can you bear it so?" whispered Jo, as she met them at the door with a smile of welcome, and no change in her gentle manner, except more gentleness. 

"Dear Jo, the love that has blest me for ten happy years supports me still. It could not die, and John is more my own than ever," whispered Meg; and in her eyes the tender trust was so beautiful and bright, that Jo believed her, and thanked God for the immortality of love like hers.

- Little Men, Chapter 19

In this episode, which is the last of this three episode arc, the aftermath of what happened to everyone after John Brooke's funeral is revealed, including Nan's inner struggle with what a doctor is all about.

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  1. As always, you did a great job! Thank you very much :]