Friday, May 11, 2012

Little Women II - Jo's Boys Episode 24 released!

"Are you in pain, Dan?"

"It's pretty bad; but I didn't mean to wake you."

"I'm a sort of owl, always flying about at night. Yes, your foot is like fire; the bandages must be wet again," and away flapped the maternal owl for more cooling stuff, and a great mug of ice water.

"Oh, that's so nice!" sighed Dan, the wet bandages went on again, and a long draught of water cooled his thirsty throat.

"There, now, sleep your best, and don't be frightened if you see me again, for I'll slip down by and by, and give you another sprinkle."

As she spoke, Mrs. Jo stooped to turn the pillow and smooth the bed-clothes, when, to her great surprise, Dan put his arm around her neck, drew her face down to his, and kissed her, with a broken "Thank you, ma'am," which said more than the most eloquent speech could have done; for the hasty kiss, the muttered words, meant, "I'm sorry, I will try." She understood it, accepted the unspoken confession, and did not spoil it by any token of surprise. She only remembered that he had no mother, kissed the brown cheek half hidden on the pillow, as if ashamed of the little touch of tenderness, and left him, saying, what he long remembered, "You are my boy now, and if you choose you can make me proud and glad to say so."

- Little Men, Chapter 10

For Mother's Day weekend, we would like to release an episode of Little Women II - Jo's Boys.

In this episode, Dan's return causes quite a bit of activity in Plumfield.  However, Dan's lack of action in a certain way causes Nan to get angry.

You can obtain this episode from your standard anime torrent indexing sites.


  1. Thank you for releasing another episode of my favorite series! You've made my weekend!

    I have a small question about the episode's title. Wouln't 素直になれなくて translate into something like "It's hard to say I'm sorry" or "it's hard to apologize" instead of "I can't be honest"?

    Thanks, Licca. You're the best!

    1. It could also mean those as well. 素直 means "honesty", but it's one of those words that requires a little bit of context. It was a tossup how that title needed to be translated.

  2. I can not download through torrent. There is a ban on my IP?

  3. It took you long enough.

    1. We apologize for that; the episode was ready to be checked before encoding, but due to inclement weather, I wasn't able to finish the encode until that Friday.

      (I typically have the encoding computer off when there are storms outside.)

  4. Sweet, thanks for the release.

  5. Thanks for this magnificient WMT old school offering!

  6. Would it be possible subbing Hamtaro?